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  • How to get started in freelance digital marketing (and rock at it)

    Posted 6 days ago in Small Business Tips
    by Rachel Cottam

    The 9 to 5 is a thing of the past. Odds are, you stumbled across this article because you’re dissatisfied with toxic company culture. Or you want more freedom to travel. Or you’d like to choose your clients. Or maybe you’re just tired of listening to Craig slurp down his yogurt everyday.  Whatever the reason—take […]

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  • 6 Business Card Design Best Practices (With Inspiration & Examples)

    Posted 3 weeks ago in Small Business Tips
    by Elijah-Blue Vieau

    Regardless of how well a business card design may look, there are fundamental best practices to follow when it comes to design, color, and layout. After all, your business card needs to serve its purpose as one of your most personal and versatile marketing/branding/call-to-action tools that you have. For example, things like logo placement and […]

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  • Free QuickBooks for Nonprofits

    Posted 4 weeks ago in Small Business Tips
    by Rachel Cottam

    Nonprofits thrive when passion is at the helm. If you want to give back as much as you can (and continue to impress donors and investors), you need to keep your expenses low—and that includes the cost of your accounting software. While some accounting software companies offer discounts to nonprofit organizations, Intuit charges full price […]

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  • Voice search optimization: Myth vs Reality

    Posted 1 month ago in Small Business Tips
    by Rachel Cottam

    Comscore predicts that by 2020, more than half of all searches will be performed by voice. The popularity of voice assistants is only growing, which means that SEO trends are shifting. Some would go so far as to say that voice search optimization (VSO) is replacing traditional search engine optimization. While this is a bit […]

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  • Xero vs. QuickBooks: Online Accounting Showdown

    Posted 3 months ago in Product ReviewsSmall Business Tips
    by Megan Jensen

    QuickBooks Online and Xero  Quickbooks Online (QBO) is a personal and business bookkeeping software developed by Intuit in the early 2000s to help small businesses with their bookkeeping systems. QuickBooks is big particularly in the U.S. and Canada. Xero Limited was created in 2006 in New Zealand, with a focus on cloud-based business accounting software. […]

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  • The ideal software adoption path for construction and field services

    Posted 3 months ago in Small Business Tips
    by Cliff Mitchell

    Sooner or later, most small business owners begin to feel the strain that comes with increased growth. Often, this strain comes from a lack of resources, whether that’s time, money, or people. Sound familiar? The solution to these growing pains is most often found internally through the adoption of software in order to improve efficiency […]

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  • How to write an invoice that gets paid faster

    Posted 4 months ago in Small Business Tips
    by Rachel Cottam

    Invoicing doesn’t have to be stressful, it can actually be pretty simple–as long as you know how to write an invoice correctly. What is an invoice? An invoice is a business document detailing a transaction and requesting a payment. Invoices may also be called “bills,” “statements,” or “sales invoices.” Invoices include important details like what […]

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  • Form 8829 Instructions: Your Complete Guide to Expense Your Home Office

    Posted 4 months ago in Small Business TipsTaxes
    by Meg Sproul

    If you have recently become self-employed, chances are you’re pretty nervous about handling tax season as a single-person business. Fortunately, while self-employment makes taxes a little trickier, it can also offer a few perks, like the chance to deduct everyday business expenses from your taxable income. One business expense you may be forgetting that could […]

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  • Purchase Orders and Invoices: What’s the Difference?

    Posted 5 months ago in Small Business Tips
    by Rachel Cottam

    Understanding all of the paperwork you need to file for your new business can be a little confusing at first. And if you’re a business that deals with physical inventory, you’ll likely be juggling both purchase orders and invoices—but what exactly is the difference between the two? Purchase orders (POs) and invoices are commonly confused […]

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  • 1099 Form: Complete Guide for Businesses & Contractors

    Posted 5 months ago in Small Business TipsTaxes
    by Meg Sproul

    Hi! I’m Meg, and I’m self-employed. Confession time: I recently did something pretty awful. I read everything I could find about 1099s on the IRS website. I kind of had to because, for me, tax time is a bit trickier than just submitting my standard W-2s. To avoid being penalized, I have to obtain a […]

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