Free QuickBooks for Nonprofits

Posted 4 years ago in Small Business Tips
by Brad Hanks

Non-profits play a special role in people’s lives as well as in the economy, and they need access to the best software and tools on the market.  While some accounting software companies offer discounts to non-profits, Intuit does charge non-profits normal price for QuickBooks.  Since there’s no indication its parent company will release a free QuickBooks for non-profits, we suggest trying ZipBooks, our accounting software, online, instead.  ZipBooks has a pricing level that gives completely free access to a suite of invoicing, accounting and expense management tools. If you don’t need more than one user or advanced features like time tracking or recurring billing, ZipBooks allows you the flexibility of cloud accounting without the headache of monthly and hidden fees. Let ZipBooks get you organized, save you time, and get you funded so that your organization gets paid faster.

Keeps you organized

Since there is no free QuickBooks for nonprofits, using ZipBooks, a totally free, user-friendly accounting software with all the features you need, is just common sense.  It’s simple to create an account, and once you’re in, you can organize investments, contributions from owners, grants, and fundraising events. Manage a team and add as many team members as you like. Store unlimited donor profiles, invoices, and receipts and access them from any device or operating system.You can also create individual projects and assign them to different team members to prevent overlap and make sure no project gets forgotten.

Saves you time

Running a nonprofit can take a lot of time as it is. When you’re spending so much time organizing and searching out funding, you don’t have a lot of time to process the funding you’ve received. Have you ever wondered if your nonprofit could make more each year if it was even a little more efficient? ZipBooks was designed to help with that. ZipBooks offers tools like time tracking and project tracking that can help you keep a record of goings on as you go.

Gets you funded

Getting organized allows you to spend less time shuffling through paperwork and more time getting funding. When you’ve transferred your organization’s information online in a ZipBooks account, you’ll be able to access your data anywhere you go.

Tools and features that can help

A software built for you (not an accountant). ZipBooks is easy to navigate with its intuitive user-interface and straightforward layout. Get right to your invoices and enjoy how simple it is to track projects and time. 


We protect donor data. You can store as many donor profiles as you like under the “clients” tab. And we protect your data with 256-bit SSL encryption.


Keep track of what donors have paid. Send an invoice to a donor for the amount they pledged, then go in and record how much they have paid. Keep track of when they pay in full, or whether they are still paying in increments.


Anywhere accessibility. Access your data from your mobile device, cell phone, or computer. The whole team can be logged in and recording work at the same time. 


One-click invoices. Our online invoices are as simple to fill out as writing a check. Send one to a donor’s inbox in seconds.


It’s free. Your ZipBooks account is and will always be free of monthly and hidden fees. In other words, it’s 100% free, forever.


Mobility. Non-profits on the move need to be flexible.Take your data wherever you go. You can access your donor and invoicing information from any mobile device, smart phone, computer, or operating system.


Time tracking. You and your team members can track your time by launching our time tracker to start and stop time, or by entering time manually.


Expense tracking. Import your organization’s expenses or manually add expenses.
Project tracking. Create new projects, record notes and information about the project, and assign different team members to each project.
Accept multiple kinds of payment. You can select different payment options to offer donors, encouraging them to pay faster via a payment option that is most convenient for them.
There may not be free QuickBooks for non-profits, but there is something better:  ZipBooks, a totally free, cloud-based accounting program that will meet all your needs while saving you time and money.

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