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How do I mark employee time as billed or paid?

When it comes to pay day, there’s little room for error. It’s critical for you and your employees to know when hours have been billed or paid. ZipBooks makes it easy to manage and monitor employee time. 

To mark time entries as paid:

  1. From your ZipBooks dashboard, click Tracking from the left menu
  2. Click Time & Pay 
  3. If desired, choose a specific User or leave the box blank to show all employees
  4. Select the Pay Period from the drop down menu
  5. Click Mark all as paid Mark all as paid
  6. Mark entries as paid from a user’s specific calendar by clicking either “Mark all of User’s time as paid” or “Mark User’s time this period as paid

That’s it! Now your time entries will be displayed with a button that says “Payroll paid,” making it easy for you and your employees to keep track of payments. 


Time & Pay calendars provide the fastest way to mark employees as paid, but you can also edit time entries from time-tracking lists.

To mark time entries as billed or paid:

  1. Click Tracking
  2. Then Track Time
  3. If desired, filter by User, Contact, Project or Date
  4. Click the check box at the top to select all entries or manually check the boxes you need Mark time as billed
  5. Click the button that says “Mark as billed” or “Mark as paid

You can also edit time entries individually and check the box that says “Has been billed” or “Payroll has been paid.” Use the time entries list to filter your time-tracking records by billed or paid. 

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