Grow your business — by generating spectacular reviews and improving your online presence.

With so many products and services out there competing with each other, how do people decide what to buy or who to hire? Customer reviews are a great way to help people see that you’ve got what they’re looking for. (Hint: Especially if they’re extraordinary reviews!)

Send Invitations by Email or Text

Make it simple for your customers to leave reviews. Send invitations for customer reviews by text or email. 

Let ZipBooks Automate Review Invitations

Manually send reviews or automate the process. ZipBooks will automatically send requests to customers after they’ve made a payment

Respond to Your Customers

Quickly respond to customer reviews from Google, Facebook, and other platforms from inside ZipBooks. A quick response can help happy customers share their review with others or resolve a complaint before you lose a customer. 

Share Reviews

Use our handy widget to share the reviews ZipBooks collects on your own website. With four options for your website, you can always put your best foot forward.

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