Grow your business — by generating spectacular reviews and improving your online presence.

Searching the web for something can give you thousands of results, and you may only look at the first few. So, where do you rank when people look for products or services like yours? And how can you get ranked higher? Start a ZipBooks Growth trial to learn how! We’ll automatically set up a few keyword searches for you, to give you a running start. You can add more as needed to tweak and customize your insights, for exactly the right view.

Search Results

ZipBooks can show you where you are in search results based on certain keywords that a potential customer might enter on maps, desktop, or mobile search applications. Add keywords as needed to gain more insight, and even set up parameters to specify searches near certain target areas.


Track Your Results

See your progress at a glance next to each ranking. In the past few days have you gone up in search rankings? Had a significant fall? Or have you pretty much stayed the same? Stay up to date with your progress every step of the way as ZipBooks helps you improve!

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