Work with smart, dedicated people at the zippy-est company around.

Want to be part of the ZipBooks team?

When we’re evaluating candidates, we look for zippy people. What does that mean? Glad you asked!

zippy /ˈzipē/

Gets stuff done (GSD). We have a bias for completion. ZipBookers act quickly and complete extraordinary things in short timeframes. Has no ego. We like working with humble people. Egos prevent progress and are unpleasant to be around. Natural selection guides our ideas—bad ones lose. Executing extraordinary ideas makes us more successful and fulfilled. Communicates with candor. We celebrate success while being honest about reality. We clearly and openly communicate expectations, obstacles, feedback, and results. Is kind and devoted. ZipBookers respect others and keep our commitments. We are friendly and kind, regardless of circumstance. We’re devoted to our work, our colleagues and our customers.

We’re serious about zippyness! We only hire people that display each zippy attribute in abundance. If that sounds like you, and you’d like to work with people like that, then check out our open positions below or get in touch at We’d love to hear from you!

Open Positions


Sorry, we don’t have any open positions at this time!



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