ZipBooks’ mission is to provide tools and intelligence to help small businesses succeed.

When we founded ZipBooks, we strongly believed that small businesses deserved better than what was out there.

We’d been there as small business owners: bouncing around multiple accounting apps, using one, then the other, trying to balance all of the varying needs we had.

ZipBooks was born to bring small business owners into one place that could handle all of their accounting — and since then, has grown into so much more. What we’ve realized is that small business owners don’t just need to track revenue, they need to grow revenue.

So we’ve built our product to meet that need: in addition to full-featured accounting, we allow businesses to track online reviews and send automated text review invites for Google, Yelp, and Facebook. We manage and sync your business listings across the web, and let you track your rankings on the searches that your potential customers are making.

ZipBooks combines these tools with data-driven intelligence: smart insights and reports that help you get paid faster, retain customers and save money. It’s like having a trusted advisor at your side every step of the way.

All of that in one beautiful, seamless package.

Quickbooks was (and is) the 800 pound gorilla in the accounting software space. We’re raising our hands to say that’s not good enough anymore. We’re digging into what small business owners truly need to succeed in their businesses, because we’ve been there, too.

We’ll keep at it, because we know you are.


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