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  • Managing Business Finances as a New Freelance Writer

    Posted 8 years ago in Small Business Tips
    by Emily Bell

    Not too long ago, I quit my full-time marketing job to venture into the uncharted waters of freelance writing. In many ways, it’s my dream job. I love being able to focus completely on writing, and to set my own schedule. However, it comes with a big downside: doing my own bookkeeping. When I started […]

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  • How to Set Your Rates

    Posted 8 years ago in Small Business Tips
    by Katie Pryal

    Whether you work part-time as a freelancer or run your own business, you know the angst that pricing your services can cause. Business consultants make a killing helping big corporations price their services so you shouldn’t be surprised that you have such a hard time doing so. Here are some tips to help you get […]

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