QuickBooks Alternative for Small Businesses

Posted 4 years ago in Small Business Tips
by Brad Hanks

No matter your business, ZipBooks has common-sense solutions that will get you paid faster. ZipBooks offers more efficient time tracking, project management, and the ability to send an online invoice in seconds. So whether you run a bakery, a crew of office cleaners, a law firm, or a design team, you’ll be more efficient with a free ZipBooks account.

While QuickBooks still dominates the category, cloud alternatives are catching up. And it’s pretty simple to transfer from the old QuickBooks architecture into ZipBooks’ clean, intuitive user-interface. ZipBooks has all the QuickBooks features you need, plus some solutions that help you get paid faster. Whether you’re just starting your business or you’ve been around a while, enjoy expense management, unlimited storage, unlimited team member profiles, and more.

Features of both ZipBooks and QuickBooks

  • Unlimited invoicing
  • Unlimited time tracking
  • Smartphone-accessible
  • Online payments
  • Recurring invoicing
  • Expense tracking by client
  • Automatic expense imports
  • Ability to include recorded info in invoice
  • Bank integration
  • Reporting
  • Client and receipt storage
  • Multi-currency invoicing

Additional features offered by ZipBooks

  • Unlimited client profiles
  • Unlimited team member profiles
  • Unlimited storage
  • Unlimited recurring profiles
  • Unlimited recurring invoicing
  • 100% free, forever
  • No automatic late fees on overdue invoices


As a QuickBooks alternative for small businesses, ZipBooks can make your company of a few employees very efficient. Better yet, ZipBook will grow with you as you hire dozens or even hundreds of employees. We’re developing new features every day that can help you expand your business as you go.

Built for you

You’re most likely looking for cloud software because you want to get paid. And although your biggest worry is probably business management, few business owners need to become experts at accounting. ZipBooks is so straightforward that you could sign up now and have an invoice sent in under 5 minutes.  And interactive charts and graphs on the dashboard give you an instant sense of where your cash flow is at. The design is clean and the user-interface is intuitive because the software was built for business owners like you. 

No payments per invoice, user, or client

ZipBooks’ goal is to get you paid, so we’re not going to charge you. Add as many client profiles as you like and connect them to the project work you’re doing. Create as many team member profiles as you need to get everyone on board. And store as many invoices, estimates, and receipts as your growing business needs.

Mobility and flexibility

We want you to take ZipBooks everywhere. What if you forget to send an invoice Friday, and you know that client is willing to pay over the weekend? Just log into your mobile device, fill out a simple invoice template, and hit “Send.” Your client will be able to access and pay the invoice from the message in their inbox.


Many business owners wonder if there’s risk involved in moving the office online. Luckily, cloud software is developing and advancing every day. With ZipBooks, a QuickBooks alternative for small businesses, you actually protect your data from physical theft and loss. You also secure it online in case of hard drive failure. And you can trust ZipBooks to protect you in the cloud with 256-bit SSL encryption.

About Brad

Brad Hanks is in charge of Growth at ZipBooks.

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