Invoice financing for small businesses

Invoice financing gets you paid faster

Get paid before your client even opens their email! Are you sending out an invoice that’s due in the future, but you'd like to get paid now? ZipBooks can advance the cash you need so you can say goodbye to cash flow worries.

Simply choose the “Send and get paid now” option, and we’ll credit 100% of the amount of your invoice to your bank account immediately. It typically arrives within 1 business day. You’ll have more cash freed up, and you’ll be able to pay us back on low, straightforward terms.

Easy payment scheduling

With ZipBooks, you’ll never have to worry about forgetting to pay back your advance to us. It’s invoice financing at its most convenient.

We’ll automatically schedule a plan of 12 equal payments for you to repay the instant payment. Only need the advance for a few weeks? Reduce the cost of interest by paying us back early—we never penalize for prepayments!

Lower costs than our competitors

ZipBooks provides competitive rates for invoice financing. We charge only 0.5% per week. Please note that our invoice financing feature is currently offered only to businesses incorporated within the United States.

We’ll start you off with limited advance options ($300-$2500), but as you continue to use Invoice Instant Payments, your limit will increase. We love rewarding our customers; if you’re sending good invoices, we’ll get you the cash you need.

Quick application process

Applying for invoice financing from ZipBooks is fast and easy. Simply fill out your company details and submit your application right in the app. One of our underwriters will review your application and get back to you within 2 or 3 business days.

We provide invoice financing for a diverse group of companies, from small startups to enterprise level clients.


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