Machine Learning

ZipBooks is all about learning what you do and how you do it so we can help you save time. We add a supercomputer to your team that combines your work with research from other users and accounting best practices to automatically choose a category for each transaction.


ZipBooks machine learning makes bookkeeping simpler. And the more you work in your account, the more ZipBooks learns about your habits, the way you record transactions, and how you categorize each entry. If you find that something’s categorized wrong, simply make a correction, and ZipBooks will learn from its mistakes, like we all (hopefully) do!




Confidence Score

When ZipBooks imports your bank transactions, we’ll categorize them, and give you a confidence score based on our accounting expertise and your own history. How long does it usually take you to categorize hundreds of transactions every month? That’s the time you’ll now be saving yourself!

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