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ZipBooks is first and only accounting app that can finance invoices on the go! We are proud to provide a free (not freemium) accounting software app that lets small businesses create and send invoices, capture business expense receipts, track time, and add customers.

In-app time tracker

Keep track of your hours
Use time tracker right in ZipBooks to easily track billable hours. You can set up a timer for a specific project and customer, and pause your timer at any time.

Bill your time
With just a click, ZipBooks will automatically convert your hours in Time Tracker to an invoice you can send to your customer.

Time tracking browser extension

Send invoices automatically
Add new projects on the fly with our time tracking browser extension. Any new project you create will be added instantly to ZipBooks. You don't need to be logged in!

Multi-browser support
Our popular Time Tracker extension supports multiple browsers, including Chrome, Safari, and Opera.

3rd party extensions

Google Drive

Whether you are on a Google Apps domain, or just like running apps inside Chrome, we have you covered with our Google Drive integration. You can create a new invoice from Google Drive and then save it in Drive for quick future access.

Google Apps

Install ZipBooks domain wide just once with our Google Apps integration. You’ll empower everyone on your team with a user-friendly bookkeeping tool.

Chrome Web Store

As with our Google Apps integration, access ZipBooks with all your other favorite apps and make financial documents right in Google Drive. Running ZipBooks from the Chrome App Launcher is fast and convenient.


Simply type /expense in any Slack channel, add the name and dollar amount, and you’ll generate a link to ZipBooks, where your expense will already be filed.


Using Asana? This integration lets you quickly add accounting-related tasks to Time Tracker and ZipBooks. While in a project’s task view, open the Time Tracker extension and the project and task fields will automatically be populated with information from Asana.


Skip a pesky extra step and access ZipBooks directly in Spiceworks. Record expenses, generate invoices, and more from one location.

Can't find what you need?

Build it yourself
Our API is wide open to anyone that wants to use it. Want to build an Android app? Great! Think you could build a slicker user experience? We would lke to see you try. Our API is only limited by your imagination - and the endpoints we make publicly avaialable.

Please use our API responsibly and have fun.

ZipBooks API documentation