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What is a line item on an invoice?

The term “line item” refers to any service or product added to an invoice, along with any quantities, rates, and prices that pertain to them. On your ZipBooks account, these are called Items (for products you sell), and Tasks (for services you perform).

Sometimes, you’ll have certain line items that you use frequently when you create invoices. To cut down on prep time, save your line items for future use.

For example:

Let’s say you sell auto parts online. Each of the parts you sell has a long product number and a detailed description. Every time you bill your customers, you have to look up product numbers for each item, and manually enter the details on your invoices.

Then you discover Saved Items on ZipBooks, and it changes your life! Now you can enter a line item once, and save it on the spot. The next time you create an invoice, you can use the dropdown list of Items to choose the one you want, and all the details will automatically appear.

Time wasted: None

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