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How do I connect my Square account?

Connecting your Square account to ZipBooks will sync your customer contact information and allow you to streamline the review process.  After getting paid through Square, you can send automatic review invitations to your best customers in order to effortlessly gather reviews.  

In order to connect your Square account and start the automatic review process, follow these steps:    

  1. Log in to your ZipBooks Account
  2. Select “More” from the Top Menu Bar
  3. Under “Account,” select “Integrations”
  4. Under “Square,” select “Connect Now”
  5. Enter your Square Login information
  6. A “Permissions” pop-up box will appear, click “Allow”
  7. When redirected to your ZipBooks dashboard, review Square Preferences
  8. Then, click “Save”  

Note: Square integration may take a few hours to update for the first time, so don’t fret if your transactions don’t show up right away.

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