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by Tim Chaves

Vendasta’s Marketplace offers a wide variety of white-label services.  One of of it’s more recent offerings is their “Reputation Management” software.  If you are a well-established agency, looking for a solution to some of your mundane business tasks, Vendasta has some great options.  

This review specifically considers Vendasta’s Reputation Management platform.  While some of our services are in competition with Vendasta’s offering, we want to give you accurate, unbiased information in order to help you make an informed decision.

As a note: Vendasta advertises as a creator of digital solutions for small and medium businesses (SMBs).  However, they do not sell their software directly to SMBs, rather, they recommend that local businesses make their purchases through an “expert agency” (one of their partners).  

If you are a SMB in the market for invoicing, bookkeeping or growth software, and are looking to avoid the cost of purchasing from an agency, consider ZipBooks We keep our prices competitive and our services up-to-date in order to help local businesses grow. 

What is Vendasta’s Reputation Management?

Vendasta’s white label reputation management software allows you to help clients manage and monitor all aspects of their online reviews and community.  

As a marketing agency, you purchase Vendasta’s software and resell it to local businesses.  Using this software alerts your clients to new reviews, helps them respond to negative and positive feedback and tracks competitor activity.

Vendasta Reputation Management Dashboard

Source: Vendasta

Who is Vendasta for?

Marketing agencies and media companies looking for white label solutions for their clients should consider Vendasta’s reputation management software.  All of Vendasta’s marketplace solutions allow you to put your logo on their service offerings—meaning that your brand gets all the credit!

Small businesses can purchase “Reputation Management” through one of Vendasta’s partners.  However, there are many similar, more affordable reputation tracking software options available to local businesses.

What does Vendasta do?

Vendasta’s Reputation Management covers all aspects of tracking and improving your online reputation.

    • Review Monitoring: Track customer feedback on platforms like Yelp, Facebook and Google
    • Responding to Reviews: Respond to ALL reviews—both positive and negative
    • Social Monitoring: Follow social media activity related to your brand to help understand customers and improve your marketing strategy
    • Mention Monitoring: Keep an eye on brand-mentions in a variety of platforms (blogs, forums, listings, etc.)
    • Responding to Social Mentions: Engage with followers, create brand advocates and leverage existing conversations into marketing opportunitiese
    • Competitive Benchmarking: Track competitor activity to compare social and financial analytics
    • Review Generating: Actively gather feedback that strengthens SEO and creates digital word of mouth

What does Vendasta cost?

Vendasta pricing is subscription based, though each level has an additional onboarding fee that is not listed (ranging from $1000 to $5000).














Reputation Management is a separate product that you can purchase through their marketplace.  Vendasta sells this software to subscribed partners for $15/month per location, and those agencies can determine how much they charge local businesses.

What are people saying about Vendasta?

G2crowd—a review platform for business solutions—labelled Vendasta’s Reputation Management as the G2 Crowd Leader for Fall 2018 in the “CRM All-in-One Software” category.  The platform received a 4.3 star-rating, averaged from 17 reviewers.    

Overall, most people seem very happy with the software, though the cost is high.  Clients appreciate Vendasta’s customer support and like that the product is truly white label.  Many people complained, however, that the ability to connect with social medias is imperfect (“a little dated”) and again, that the subscription is expensive.

Here are some direct quotes from verified reviewers:

“The platform is very easy to navigate…Make sure you go through all of the training they offer! It really helps!”

“The automatic process of pulling info for a company is not as thorough as needed. You have to double check the info and make corrections, as there are usually mistakes. It also does not seem to pull the social media accounts for company. “

“The support is good…They upgrade and add features at a fast pace…You only have to pay for the parts of the platform that you use on a client-by-client basis.”

“It is expensive relative to what you get with a high upfront cost.”

“This product is extremely robust and continues to expand on a weekly/monthly basis. They also listen to their customers and it feels like product management takes our input seriously.”

Which option is best for me?

As explained, if you are a marketing agency with multiple clients, using Vendasta’s reputation management allows you to resell their software under your label at your price.  If you are utilizing multiple solutions by Vendasta, then the high price is worth the exchange.

However, if you are a small business looking for growth solutions, Vendasta’s software is not for you.  In fact, they won’t even sell to you. Consider more affordable options for monitoring online reputation, like ZipBooks’ Growth.   

Whether or not you are currently using our accounting software, ZipBooks’ reviews and growth platform will help you build online presence and word of mouth.  Our growth plan starts at $49/month and is separate from our accounting subscription.

Likewise, we monitor all stages of the review process.

    • Track Feedback: Monitor your average ratings on popular review platforms and analyze changes over time
    • Generate Reviews: Simplify feedback collection by automatically sending text or email invites
    • Improve Your Rankings: Track keyword ranking and follow your upward movement
    • Local Listings: Make it easy for customers to find you by keeping listings up-to-date and in the right places
    • Share Your Success: Show off testimonials and overall star-rating on your site with a handy widget
    • Follow Up On Leads: Connect your listing to ZipBooks Pros in order to generate leads directly

ZipBooks Growth - Reputation Management

Whether you are an established agency or an innovative startup, ZipBooks wants you to succeed.  Don’t try buying Yelp reviews—just choose the best software for your needs in order to achieve the growth you are looking for. And Good luck!

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