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Posted 6 years ago in Small Business Tips
by Tim Chaves

Time can be hard to keep track of, even with time tracking software.

It’s something that gets wasted, paid-for, kept, tracked, and ignored. Some say that time is money, and in a job where you get paid based on the time you spend on a specific project, that saying becomes fairly literal.

If you’re like most people, you might have a hard time remembering when you started one thing, or when you finished another. Because time is a human-made way to measure things, it is pretty much impossible to keep track of time down to the minute, just in your head, with any sort of reliability.

But then you don’t want to keep track of endless time sheets for every employee. Entering all that data manually can be a pain, and then you have to pay each individual employee one at a time, not to mention fixing any accidents or errors. It can get pretty messy and time-consuming to do it all on your own.

Enter, the people who know how to help you keep track of the money that is time. Here are a few of the best time tracking programs of 2017.


Obviously, we’re biased. But aside from being a great accounting software for billing, invoicing, and reporting, ZipBooks has awesome time-tracking and integration capabilities. We want you to be paid for every minute of your hard work. So, we have set up user-friendly software that lets you track time in any web browser, record time by task and project, and seamlessly add un-billed time records to invoices.

Along with time tracking for your whole team, get unlimited invoicing, billing, bank connections, and smart business insights.

Price: Starts at $15/month for plan that includes time tracking, with unlimited users.

Free Trial: Yes, 30 days


Say goodbye to obnoxious timesheets when you use Toggl. It’s easy to use with browsers like Chrome and Firefox, as well as with Android devices or iPhones. You can log hours with one click and keep track of your whole team. It also allows you to boost your productivity by showing you where you’re wasting time. Toggl even gives you the option of exporting time to an Excel spreadsheet.

Price: Free with the basic trial. Upgrades start at $9/month/user.

Free Trial: Yes, 30 days.


Tsheets works seamlessly with other software you may already be using, like Gusto, Square, or QuickBooks. Employees can clock in and out right from their phones, or simply send a text to record their start and stop times. Track projects, sick leave, vacation time, and employee attendance. Get free unlimited support over the phone or online, anytime you need help.

Price: $4/month/user + $16/month for 2-99 users, or $80/month for 100+ users

Free Trial: Yes, 14 days


Easily track time from your phone, computer, or tablet with Tick’s simple browser extensions. You can track your budget and send team members real-time updates when budgets change. Tick integrates with project management software, like Asana or Basecamp, and lets you export your time to QuickBooks or FreshBooks for accurate invoicing.

Price: Free for 1 project. Starts at $19/month for 10 projects.

Free Trial: Yes, 30 days.


WorkflowMax is a Xero product. This all-in-one project management on the go system lets you track time, assign hours to a project, and keep an employee database. You can mark hours as billable or non-billable and set up multiple billing rates for easy invoicing. WorkflowMax integrates seamlessly with Xero accounting software and 30+ other programs, like Dropbox and Adobe.

Price: Starts at $15/month for 1 user.

Free Trial: Yes, 14 days.


Aside from tracking time, AccountSight lets you manage business basics like accounts receivable, accounts payable, invoicing and cash. It also has a great feature that sends you a reminder to turn on your clock. Integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks products, Paypal, and eSign Genie.

Price: Free basic version, upgrades start at $10/person

Free Trial: Yes, 30 days


If you’re looking for time tracking that also provides extensive reporting functions, ClickTime has got you covered. Get the data you need sorted by many variables, including client, project or department. Basic billing and invoicing, expense tracking, and vacation time tracking are just a few of the features. Integrates with QuickBooks.

Price: $8.00/month/user

Free Trial: Yes, 30 days


Lose the physical, one-location time clock by using Timesheets for accurate attendance tracking. You can set up GPS tracking and restrictions, allow managers to view and edit time, and receive time off requests from employees based on accrual accounts. Timesheets lets you easily export data to QuickBooks, ADP, Paychex, and other programs.

Price: Free for 1 administrator. It starts at $9.00/month for 1-2 users.

Free Trial: Yes, 1 full payroll or billing cycle.

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