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  • Form 8829 Instructions: Your Complete Guide to Expense Your Home Office

    Posted 5 years ago in Small Business TipsTaxes
    by Tim Chaves

    If you have recently become self-employed, chances are you’re pretty nervous about handling tax season as a single-person business. Fortunately, while self-employment makes taxes a little trickier, it can also offer a few perks, like the chance to deduct everyday business expenses from your taxable income. One business expense you may be forgetting that could […]

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  • Tax Avoidance vs. Tax Evasion

    Posted 7 years ago in Taxes
    by Tim Chaves

    There’s an issue I wanted to address before tax season arrives. There’s a big difference between tax evasion and knowing tax regulations well enough to avoid paying unnecessary taxes. People who don’t know where the line is often try to be safe by staying as far away from tax evasion as possible and end up […]

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  • Small Businesses, Are You on Top of Your Quarterly Taxes?

    Posted 7 years ago in Small Business TipsTaxes
    by Tim Chaves

    So you decided to quit your full time job to start your own business. Congratulations! That’s a big step. However, now you’re likely to have a new concern: how to pay taxes. After all, in the past someone probably automatically withheld your income tax for you. Don’t worry–it’s a fairly straightforward process. Now that you work for […]

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  • Should I File a Paper Tax Return or Go Paperless?

    Posted 7 years ago in Small Business Tips
    by Jennifer Diffley

    Choosing between filing your taxes electronically or mailing them in manually may seem like you’re just selecting the right torture device, but we’re here to reduce the pain of tax season. And, believe it or not, your filing method can have an impact on how smoothly your tax season goes. Paper tax filing method Sending […]

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