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  • Form 8829 Instructions: Your Complete Guide to Expense Your Home Office

    Posted 5 years ago in Small Business TipsTaxes
    by Tim Chaves

    If you have recently become self-employed, chances are you’re pretty nervous about handling tax season as a single-person business. Fortunately, while self-employment makes taxes a little trickier, it can also offer a few perks, like the chance to deduct everyday business expenses from your taxable income. One business expense you may be forgetting that could […]

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  • How to Fill Out a Schedule C Tax Form

    Posted 7 years ago in Taxes
    by Tim Chaves

    If this is your first year in business, you are about to experience filing taxes as a business owner. This can either be a complete pain or a piece of cake, depending on how savvy you are when it comes to taxes and deductions. When you’re a regular employee, you receive a W-2 form that […]

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