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  • Software for Mac Every Freelancer Should Know About

    Posted 2 years ago in Small Business Tips
    by Katie Pryal

    I often get asked what software I use to keep my small-business-and-freelancer ship sailing smoothly. People tend to ask because they see that I have this swanky little laptop that never leaves my side. (Surely a person who is that attached to her computer knows computer stuff, right?) I can’t blame them, because I tend […]

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  • 5 Ways Small Businesses Can Stay Ahead of the Tech Curve

    Posted 3 years ago in Small Business Tips
    by Blaine Kelton

    The world of technology is expanding at an incredible rate, and businesses of all sizes must stay ahead of trends to stay afloat. At first glance, adopting new technologies seems easier for large companies, which often have the resources to take risks on emerging technologies and may have entire divisions dedicated to research and tech advancement. However, small business owners can gain […]

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