How to Overcome Business Burnout

Posted 2 years ago in Small Business Tips
by Jenny Rollins

Any entrepreneur can tell you—running a business is hard. Businesses take time, energy, and money. It can be easy to get burned out. So, what you can do to get out of slump that impacts your morale and the health of your business?

Here are a couple of ideas.

Eat your frog first

If you get in the habit of doing the hard and unpleasant tasks first, you’re always going to end your day on a high note. Try saving fun activities for a reward once you have done all the hard things on your list.

Force yourself to take short breaks throughout the day

Usually when you’re facing burnout it probably isn’t from a lack of ambition or work ethic. If you find yourself working late or a whole day slips away before you realize it, put some alerts in your phone or calendar to remind you to do things like eat, take a quick walk, or even stand up and have a quick stretch.

External words of affirmation

If you’re a hard-working business owner, you probably have left a lot of satisfied customers in your wake. It’s important for your mental health (and for potential customers that might be researching you) that you actively solicit for reviews on the appropriate platform that works for your business so that when tough times hit, you can read over some kind words from past customers to find motivation to keep going.

Replace yourself

Your business should have enough margin baked in that you can afford to replace yourself with an employee when you start to get overwhelmed with the amount of business that you’re doing.

Even if you aren’t feeling burned out yet, you should ask yourself if you your product or services are priced high enough to cover paying yourself as both an employee and and an owner. If you haven’t you might want to take another look at your business’s pricing model. If you can’t afford employees, you are headed for a burn out.

Exercise regularly

It might seem like you’re too busy to do anything but work, but taking care of yourself first means that there is going to be more of you to give when it’s time to get down to business. Studies have shown that a stronger body leads to a stronger mind.

If you have built up a tolerance for doing hard things, like waking up early to run or lift weights, other inconveniences will seem like less of a big deal. When you work out daily, you demonstrate to yourself that you are able to do hard things.

When you exercise, your body releases a cocktail of chemicals that rewards you for doing things that will benefit your body in the long run. Exercising is also a great way to release built-up stress. It’s hard to stay up late worrying about a looming deadline when your body is so exhausted that you fall asleep the minute your head hits the pillow.

Use better fuel

You wouldn’t fill your car’s tank with Dr. Pepper and expect it to run perfectly. Don’t do the same thing to your body. If you use the right fuel, your body will run much better and you will have the energy to do those hard tasks you’ve been avoiding. Eating healthily can be a bit of a hassle, but your body and mind will be much more balanced and energized when you find time to eat right.

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Jenny is a content writer for ZipBooks and a graduate student at Brigham Young University.

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