Online Invoicing for Small Businesses

Posted 9 years ago in Small Business Tips
by Tim Chaves

Go mobile

Moving your bookkeeping to ZipBooks, accounting software, offers the mobility of accessing your data from anywhere you can access the internet. Take your books to the office, to project sites, home with you, or even on vacation with you just in case. What’s more, by moving to our cloud software you protect your business from physical loss, theft, and hard drive failure, while we protect your data with 256-bit SSL encryption. Take your bookkeeping anywhere you can take your phone.  

Track your time

Tracking your time as you go saves you from recording errors and forgetting to bill for time. It’s a nightmare trying to explain to a client that you charged them too much or too little. Use ZipBooks’ time tracker to log when you start and finish a project, and link that time to the project and client as you do the work, rather than trying to reconstruct what you did later.

Track your projects

Inside of a free ZipBooks account, you have the ability to create and name new projects and then assign them to different team members. You can link these projects to the client you will eventually bill. When you’re at a worksite, pull out your phone and enter notes or begin filling out an invoice. And at any time, add additional tasks and expenses to projects to help you keep track of the details.

Offer multiple payment options

ZipBooks allows your clients to pay right from their email, while allowing you to offer multiple forms of payment to enable your clients to pay faster. With our online invoicing for small business, you’ll be happy with how many ways there are to pay. 

Get the team on board

ZipBooks doesn’t charge you per user. You can add as many team members as you like.  Once they’re on board, give them individualized permissions that allow them to access specific data and features.

Enjoy unlimited storage

You can also store as many client profiles, invoices, estimates, and receipts as you need to.

Track your expenses

Keep track of how much you spend on each project, and include expenses in the invoice. ZipBooks gathers every feature you need in one easily-accessible place where you can better keep track of your money.


Online invoicing for small businesses is easy with this free QuickBooks for nonprofits. Our simple template combined with several project-tracking capabilities makes your invoicing that much easier. And when it’s easier to bill, it’s easier for your clients to pay, and you get paid faster.

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