Online Invoicing for Freelancers

Posted 7 years ago in Small Business Tips
by Tim Chaves

As a freelancer, your goals are to enjoy a higher income, more flexibility, better work-life balance, and increased overall freedom. No matter what kind of freelancing services you offer, a smooth invoicing process cuts out a lot of unnecessary hassle.

ZipBooks provides online invoicing that helps freelancers like you get paid faster than ever.

Three ways to let online invoicing grow your business

Most industries are moving their invoicing and payment processes to the Cloud. As you follow suit, it’s important to choose the right software for your company. Maybe your business needs features like project tracking, time tracking, and team management capabilities in addition to an invoice template. ZipBooks can help you accomplish the following goals as you’re structuring your freelance business.

1. Steady your income by getting paid faster

One of the best ways to ensure fast, steady cash flow is to avoid payment interruption and delay. To fix that, you can shorten the terms on your invoice. However, if the industry standard frowns upon short terms and payment-upon-receipt, you can speed up your invoicing process to send the invoices out faster and get paid faster.

With ZipBooks, you have the ability to invoice clients directly from your phone, even while you’re still meeting with them. And when you use our simple, clear template, your clients will understand exactly what they were invoiced for and will be more likely to pay faster.

2. Use what’s trending

A lot of invoicing software will claim to free. But while several companies offer a 30-day trial, only a few offer a completely free software. ZipBooks’s online invoicing for freelancers was built specifically for small business owners that don’t want to pay big bills, so we don’t charge you for using our service.

3. Get organized

Because you’re a freelancer, you don’t have to stick to a strict schedule like most nine-to-fivers. But you probably still have some ground rules and routine tasks to keep the ball rolling. You can keep things organized with a free ZipBooks account.

ZipBooks allows you to track your time, record project and task information, store estimates and invoices, and add team member profiles. ZipBooks’s online invoicing for freelancers is convenient because it does most of the organizing for you. Get into the habit of reviewing your cash flow from our interactive charts and graphs. Or make it part of your routine to send estimates and invoices quickly via email.

Here are some ZipBooks tools that will simplify your invoicing:

  • One-click invoicing: Invoice your clients from your phone with the click of a button.
  • Time tracking: Track your team’s hours and rates and link them to their respective projects.
  • Project tracking: Keep track of project and client information and gather it into an invoice.
  • Team management : Add as many members as you like and assign them permissions for free.
  • Unlimited storage: Store as many invoices, estimates, receipts, clients, and team member profiles as you need to at no cost to you.
  • Estimate and expense tracking: Track estimates and what you spend on different projects.
  • Multiple payment options: Offer clients different options for payment to decrease wait for payment.

Effortless follow-up

ZipBooks gives you a simple way to follow up with clients from the day you send the invoice. You can send an invoice right from your mobile device while still with a client. Then, you can ask, “When can I expect payment?” Because the client will have an invoice in their inbox, there won’t be any awkward tension from a lack of communication. Enjoy fast payment when you set clear expectations with clients.

Store and share your data online

When you store data online, you can share it with team members and clients. Plus, you can protect your information from physical theft, loss, and hard drive failure. We store two copies of all your information, and we protect them with 256-bit SSL encryption.

Cloud accounting increases your confidence in yourself

It’s a lot easier to send and receive payment when you get a system going. ZipBooks’s free accounts are prepared to manage your time, projects, and invoices. Sign up for a free account today and watch ZipBooks help you get paid faster.

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