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by Brad Hanks

When we set out to build an invoicing solution, we focused on a few issues. First, we wanted to make software that is accessible anywhere, at any time. Whether you’re at home, in the office, or on vacation, it is important that you are able to quickly reach your data. That way, you can invoice a client or check on your company’s cash flow immediately, when you are thinking of it. For that reason, we built a solution that is browser-based and cloud-hosted.

The second thing we required is a friendly design and intuitive user-interface. We wanted our users to be able to focus on their projects, and not on learning how to use new software. Users should feel comfortable navigating our software within hours instead of days.

Thirdly, we wanted an invoicing solution that solves the problems that users encountered with their former systems. Whether customers previously manually created paper invoices, or utilized downloadable or cloud-based accounting software, there would be no incentive to switch to another solution unless it was more concise and could increase efficiency.

And finally, we knew we had created a compelling product when we could offer free accounting software that also provides tools to assist in cash flow management.

Access ZipBooks anywhere, anytime, from any device

One great result of moving your business accounting to the ZipBooks cloud is that you can get to your data whenever you need. You never know exactly when you’re going to need to use their invoicing software. And you aren’t limited to just one operating system or device. Accessing everything online allows you to log in with a smartphone, laptop, or other internet-accessible mobile device, wherever and whenever you want.

Boost your business with a simple template

We’ve made the Zipbooks invoicing template as simple as it can be. In addition to the billed amount, you can include supporting data with your invoice, such as time you’ve tracked, relevant project information, expenses incurred, and any additional notes you’ve made for clients. And you can customize the template with your company logo. The invoicing process can take just seconds with your free ZipBooks account.

Get work done through a simple design

Experience the ease of sending online invoices with our intuitive design and user-interface. You can access every feature from one simple screen. You’ll use our invoicing, time-tracking, and project management tools gain and again because of how much time you will save.

Zipbooks provides the solution to actual customer complaints

I should be able to get work done in fewer clicks. Some software requires too much information to complete a task. We built a solution that can send an invoice with minimal effort. Enter as much or as little information as you need, without having to scroll through pages entering information. Complete tasks and get invoices sent, quickly.

I’m not spending any more time “figuring it out.” With your first session, you’ll find that ZipBooks is a common-sense software that moves with you. Stop “learning” your software and enjoy using software that supports you.

I’m done with billing discrepancies. Inefficient invoicing processes allow for too many mistakes, and mistakes lead to delay in customer payment. The comprehensive Zipbooks solution automatically transfers project information so there are no manually-generated errors.

I need to free myself from paper. Paper systems really slow companies down, and leave your valuable files vulnerable. Protect your data from physical loss by moving the process to the cloud.

Visibility is what gets me paid. When you invoice, present the complete business picture to your clients by including project, team member, and time-tracking information. If your financial picture is clear, you’ll be able to improve your forecasting, better manage your cash flow, and get paid faster.

How Zipbooks helps your cash flow management

Cash flow is the lifeblood of your business, and anything you can do to stabilize it will reduce your company’s financial risks and will help your company be more successful. To create a steady cash flow, you’re going to need tools other than just a straightforward invoicing process.

ZipBooks offers tools like project management and time-tracking to help you keep accurate records right from your phone or laptop. That means you track projects as you go, which allows you to compile and include project information with your invoices. Additionally, ZipBooks offers unlimited storage for estimates, invoices, client profiles, and receipts, as well as the ability to manage a team of employees. And while most software companies charge for these features, they’re absolutely free with a ZipBooks account.


When you sign up for ZipBooks, you’re really signing up for a complete accounting, invoicing and project manage package, all in one. With online invoice payments made easy, clean templates, a simple design, and time- and project-tracking capabilities, your business will run even more smoothly with a free ZipBooks account.

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