Late Payment Reminders

Posted 2 years ago in Product update
by Jenny Rollins

We use alarms to get up in the morning, to take out the dog, to remember a birthday, to take the casserole out of the oven—the reasons are endless. We have planners and calendars and watches, all to keep us on track. We all get busy. We all forget.

Here at ZipBooks we understand that life gets hectic, especially for people running their own businesses. That’s why we want to keep things simple for both you and your customers.

One of the ways that we’ve done this is by allowing you to set up late payment reminders for when your customers may forget to pay your invoices. Simply fill in how many days you want to wait past the due date to send the reminder email and what you want the reminder email to say.

Reminders help you save time by not having to write a personalized email to each of your customers every time a payment is late, and reminders help your customers remember to pay you even when life gets busy.

We’ve also created a list of variables you can type into the body of your email so it will automatically populate certain information.

For instance, if you type in ::day::, the email will automatically fill in the date the email is being sent so you don’t have to type it in every time. We have over 40 of these variables to make life simpler for you.

You can set up as many late payment reminders as you want. For instance, you could send a friendly email after a few days to gently remind your customer to pay, then another more urgent reminder after a few weeks.

After several weeks, you may let them know their delinquency is costing you your sleep, your hair, or even your appetite! You may want to even send this notice in ALL CAPS. Basically, ZipBooks enables you to remind people in whatever way you want.

About Jenny

Jenny is a content writer for ZipBooks and a graduate student at Brigham Young University.

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