How to Get Quickbooks for Free

Posted 9 years ago in Small Business Tips
by Tim Chaves

Although QuickBooks currently costs money after their 30-day free trial, some business owners have figured out how to get it for free. There are some illegal options, like torrenting the software. Or, there some extremely complicated options, like signing up for a new free trial every 30 days.

Consider ZipBooks

But why not skip all that and go where lots of business owners are going? Consider ZipBooks, a completely free alternative to QuickBooks. It’s basically a user-friendly, simpler cloud accounting software designed to regulate your cash flow to get you paid faster. ZipBooks has really professional-looking invoices you can send to your client’s inbox. And you can also track client info, hours, and project work online.

Maybe you’re set on QuickBooks

We’ll be completely honest with you — if you’re 100% set on QuickBooks for free (and legal), you’re out of luck. Though there are methods of pirating the software, we don’t recommend any of them. Not only are they illegal, they’re also dangerous. In many cases, it’s far too easy to download malicious files, viruses, or other malware that could permanently damage or compromise your computer.

On the other hand, if you’re willing to think just a bit outside the QuickBooks box, we really think ZipBooks is worth a look. It gives you online access to invoicing, time tracking, and project management from any device that supports the internet. And it’s free, very user-friendly, and protected by 256-bit SSL encryption.


Occasionally you can find a coupon for QuickBooks — if you’re very lucky. However, even if it’s still an active coupon, you’ll eventually have to pay the same monthly fee as everyone else. And QuickBooks coupons often bundle multiple softwares, so you end up paying for a second or third product that you’ll hardly use.

ZipBooks is easy and free

Finally, even if you decide to fork out the money for QuickBooks, QuickBooks wasn’t made for you — it was made for your accountant. The sign-up process is complicated and frankly annoying. However, ZipBooks only requires your email and you’re in. And while it takes a few days or weeks to get acquainted with QuickBooks, it takes no time at all to become very comfortable with tracking your business on ZipBooks, our free QuickBooks alternative. Worth a try, don’t you think?

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