How Do I Set Up Late Payment Reminders?

Posted 3 years ago in Support
by Chris Froelich

It’s never fun to continually nag your clients about unpaid invoices. However, sometimes even your best client forgets about an invoice without realizing it.

Using late payment reminders is a great way to let your client know about an unpaid invoice without having to send out a personal message each time.

How it works

When you set up a reminder, ZipBooks will automatically send a payment reminder to any client whose invoice is past due according to the due date you set on the invoice.

You choose when the reminders get sent out whether that’s very next day or in thirty days. You can set up several late payment reminders, to be sent sequentially. Reminders will be sent according to your instructions until payment is received.

Follow these simple steps to set up your reminders:

  1. Log in to your ZipBooks account. You’ll see the main ZipBooks page that shows the dashboard with all your stats.
  2. On the left-hand side of the app, below the ZipBooks logo, you will see a list of menu options. Click on the first menu option, Invoices. This will take you to the page that contains a list of all the invoices you have created.
  3. On the top menu of the Invoice page, click on the Reminders option.
  4. From here you can create a new late payment reminder. Click the green + New Reminder button and fill out the date the reminder should be sent and your desired reminder message.
  5. Check the box labeled, Enable.
  6. Click the blue Save Reminder button to complete your reminder.

Don’t forget to submit the payment promptly when you do get paid (unless they paid with a credit card) or else the reminders will continue to be sent.

Magic due dates

Late payment reminders work really well with magic due dates in ZipBooks. Magic due dates work by looking at the Terms section of your invoice and automatically determining the invoice’s due date.

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