How Do I Customize an Invoice?

Posted 3 years ago in Support
by Chris Froelich

ZipBooks allows you to make an invoice your own. You can add your logo, set terms, add notes, and personalize the email message.

Upload your logo

  1. Click Create Invoice.

  2. On the right-hand corner of the Invoice page, click the Add a Logo square.

  3. Choose your logo in the browsing options and click Open.

Your logo will appear on the right-hand corner of your invoice.

Set default terms and add notes

  1. Click Create Invoice.

  2. In the boxes at the bottom of the invoice, fill out the terms and the notes. After completing the invoice, click Save Invoice.

Personalize your email message

  1. Click Create Invoice.

  2. Complete your invoice and click Save Invoice.

  3. After reviewing your invoice, click Finalize in the top right-hand corner. A message box will appear.

  4. Complete a personal message and click Send to send out the invoice.

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