How Do I Change the Logo Size on My Invoice?

Posted 3 years ago in Support
by Chris Froelich

ZipBooks lets you add a new logo and change the size of the logo as needed. This helps you personalize your invoice and maximizes your brand.

To do this, you will be using the Account Settings page that can be found by clicking on your company name on the right-hand corner. The following steps will guide you to successfully change the logo size on your invoice.

  1. Log in to your ZipBooks account. You will see the main ZipBooks page that shows the dashboard with all your stats.
  2. Click the right-hand corner of the page and click on your company name. A drop-down menu will pop up. Click the first menu option labeled, Account Settings.
  3. From there, you will be brought to the Account Settings page. This page contains all of the settings for you to personalize your account. There are five main tabs that you can click on.
  4. Click on the third tab, Invoices. This is where you personalize your invoices. If you’ve already added your logo, you’ll see it on the left side of the menu. On the right side, you’ll see the option to increase or decrease your logo height.
  5. If you don’t set the dimensions of your logo, it will automatically be set to 40 pixels high. If you want to change this, click on the word Auto and type in the desired height of your logo in pixels. You can also hover your mouse over Auto and use the arrows to change the pixel size. Please note that you cannot increase your logo height past 1,000 pixels.

If you haven’t yet added a new logo, simply click Add Default Logo and you can upload your logo from the window that will appear on your screen.

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