Does ZipBooks Work in Canada?

Posted 3 years ago in Support
by Chris Froelich

Yes! We offer Canadian businesses everything we offer American businesses, except for invoice financing. We’re happy to support Canadian businesses and help them grow in anyway we can.

Take a look at some great features that you can enjoy.

Canadian bank integration with business expense import

With our expenses feature, you can add expenses manually, or you can integrate your bank account with ZipBooks so that you can quickly access all your expenses from your bank accounts without having to manually add each expense. Our integration works with most U.S. and Canadian financial institutions, including PayPal. Just enter your bank info and all your expenses will appear.

International currencies

ZipBooks supports all major international currencies. You can set a default currency in your ZipBooks account. This makes it much easier to use ZipBooks if you are living in Canada and you want to change your currency to the Canadian dollar. If you want to know how to change your default currency, follow these simple steps.

Customize your invoices

ZipBooks lets you make your invoices your own. Upload a logo to your invoice so people recognize you for who you are. Add an optional title to your invoices to help your clients know the service you provided them. Add default terms and conditions to remind your clients when you expect them to pay you. As needed, you can add a client note to your invoice to personalize your invoice.

ZipBooks hopes that your business is successful. If you have any questions regarding our software, please feel free to ask. We have in-app support so you can use ZipBooks accounting software with confidence.

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