Cloud Accounting for Small Businesses

Posted 9 years ago in Small Business Tips
by Tim Chaves

Using the right cloud accounting software is the best way to take your business from its current level to where you want it to be – more efficient, productive, and successful. When you can access time-tracking and project management tools from your phone, you’re more likely to keep accurate records as you proceed through your workday. And with a simple invoicing process that encourages clients to pay faster, you’ll be able to enjoy the stability of a steady cash flow.

However, don’t be persuaded that paying a monthly fee is necessary for such a valuable software solution — especially when you can sign up for an account with ZipBooks, a cutting-edge technology company that has figured out how to offer professional accounting software that is free to its customers. ZipBooks is cloud accounting for small businesses that not only keeps your records easily and safely, but also gets you paid faster.

A new way to invoice

Zipbooks offers accurate and immediate invoicing. ZipBooks’ simple invoicing template can be sent in seconds. Get invoicing off your To-Do List and take care of it immediately. You can even offer several payment options for the convenience of your clients.
Zipbooks provides an invoice that doesn’t sink to the bottom of the pile. Getting paid must be one of your top priorities. When your client receives a Zipbooks email containing their invoice with your preferred payment options, they can pay immediately, and you can use that funding to fuel new projects.

Zipbooks gives you anywhere,anytime access to your data. Open up your free ZipBooks account and begin processing your invoices while sitting on a plane or while waiting in line at the store. Your information is completely and immediately available, and you can check what invoices you’ve sent and mark which have been paid partially or in full.

Improve financial visibility

Zipbooks offers time-tracking and project management tools. There are two great things about the way ZipBooks manages time-tracking and project management data. First, there’s no limit to the amount of data you can store, so you can keep track of as many projects as you want. Second, you can compile project information you’ve stored and include it with your invoices. So when it’s time to invoice a client, you can let them know exactly what’s been completed, who completed it, and at what rates. Your clients will be happy to pay you when it’s clear exactly what services you provided.

Zipbooks permits you to share your information with your team. You can add as many team members to your Zipbooks account as you need to. Give them each their own permissions, assign them to different tasks and projects, and allow them to track their time from your company’s main account. If you own a business, you probably carry most of the work on your own shoulders. Delegate some of that by requiring team members to track their own work, and you can review what’s being done from the main account.

Zipbooks provides a simple, easy-to-use financial dashboard. The ZipBooks dashboard offers a valuable overview of your cash flow. With interactive charts and graphs that display statistics such as LTM revenue, customer concentration, A/R, and billings and collections, you’ll know exactly where your money is. Debits are displayed in blue and credits in green, so you’ll know where your company currently stands at a glance. Your accounting has never been more accessible and transparent.

Simplified functions

Zipbooks permits you to splitting client payments across multiple invoices. You may send multiple invoices to a client, and they may pay with one lump sum. You can easily track which invoices have been paid by changing the payment status next to an invoice. Just click the “Add Payment” button from an opened invoice and enter the amount that has been paid so far.

Zipbooks reminds you about unbilled client time. When you open an invoice and select a client, ZipBooks will remind you “This client has unbilled time.” Just click “Add to Invoice” to include recorded time associated with that project.

ZipBooks makes your life easier

Sign up for ZipBooks with just an email address, and you’ll have unlimited access to our product. It’s both an accounting solution and a project management solution rolled into one simple program. There’s no cost, no obligation, and there’s nothing to lose from trying it out. You can send invoices, manage your team, track hours, and record project information directly from your mobile device. Increase your visibility and decrease the amount of time you spend waiting for payment when you use ZipBooks to manage your projects.

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