Accounting Guide for Startups

Posted 9 years ago in Small Business Tips
by Tim Chaves

While building a startup is exciting, accounting is probably the last thing that excites you about your new business. Luckily, you don’t need a lot of enthusiasm for accounting to be enthusiastic about using accounting software online, like ZipBooks.  ZipBooks offers a simple design, intuitive user-interface, and a place to store all your client profiles, estimates, and receipts. The following insights will help you quickly get your bookkeeping in order, so you can continue to have fun with your startup.

Take advantage of the cloud

There’s a reason everybody’s moving to the cloud. It’s a headache just thinking about long downloading processes and old software that restricts you to one device or operating system. The cloud advantage is the ability to bring the office with you wherever you go, while protecting your data from physical theft, loss, and hard drive failure.

Tools to manage your cloud data

One-click invoicing – Sending an invoice has never been so fast and effortless.

Time tracking – Track time as you go. Enjoy a clear record of the goings on in your business. And never forget to bill for all your hours.

Project management – Create projects for clients. Assign them to team members.

Unlimited users – Keep adding team members to your account at no cost.

Expense tracking – Keep track of what you spend.

Cash flow graphs – Review money coming in versus going out from interactive charts and graphs.

Simple templates – Send an invoice or estimate in seconds.

Unlimited storage – Send and store all the invoices, estimates, and client information you like.

Use a real time tracking and project management tool

Excel just wasn’t made to do things like invoicing and time tracking. Launch the ZipBooks time tracker to log exactly when you start and finish work, or enter work manually. And create projects for clients that you can link to the time tracker. Consolidate your time, projects, and clients in ZipBooks. Include any recorded information as line items in an invoice to give a clear picture to clients of the work you’re billing them for.

Choose a strong online platform and avoid error

When you work from Excel, on paper, or from multiple programs, you’ll inevitably hit some bumps in the road. Let ZipBooks think ahead to prevent major problems and delays in your work. We’ve also got great customer support so we can meet your individual company’s needs.

Anywhere access

Cloud software is accessible on the go from your phone. So if you’re at the store, the office, or at home, you can get to your bookkeeping. But there’s another perk to cloud accounting software. If you have any employees who work remotely, they can access the software at the same time as you and the rest of your team. Plus, you can delegate tasks and projects to team members. You can make sure there isn’t any overlap and prevent your team from forgetting to complete a project.

Get into a long-term mindset

When you start off on the right foot, you hit the ground running. Using time tracking, project management, and online invoicing from the beginning avoids mistakes and sets your business up for success. Paper processes and outdated accounting systems can give you a reason to hate going to work. Enjoy getting to know your money when you use ZipBooks to manage your accounts.

Get more funding

Because ZipBooks is easy to use and understand, you are able to provide financial data for potential investors that’s easy to understand and read.

Get to know your money

Track your expenses, accounts receivable, and revenue. Then view our dashboard of charts and graphs. They represent where your cash flow stands, and help give you an idea of what you need to do and where you need to be in the coming month.

Don’t hire an accountant til you need one

Use cloud software until you’ve grown into needing an accountant. Most small businesses are pretty straightforward, and can be organized quickly and efficiently in a cloud accounting software. And with ZipBooks quickly developing more features and accounting helps, you’ll be able to use your free account to get organized and get paid faster.

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