4 Reasons to Ditch Credit Cards for Invoice Financing

Posted 2 years ago in Small Business Tips
by Meg Sproul

One of the challenges of running a small business is that every dollar counts. This means that while paying by credit card may be convenient for your customers, it likely isn’t as convenient for your business, which winds up paying service fees as high as 3% in order to receive your money quickly.


But what if I told you there was a better way to get paid – and with lower fees to boot?

Invoice financing.

If you’ve never heard of it, keep reading. After learning how much extra cash this method of payment could mean for your small business, you’ll want to ditch credit cards forever.

Invoice financing is a way for business to borrow money from a lender based on amounts due from customers. So how does it work? Essentially, your businesses would use an invoice as collateral in exchange for receiving a cash advance for the amount of the invoice. You are then responsible for collecting the invoice from the customer and repaying the lender later.

This method of small business financing is similar to “invoice factoring,” which involves paying a portion of the invoice back to the lender upfront as a fee, after which the lender collects the amount of the invoice directly from the customer. But more on that in a later blog post.

Here are four ways that using invoice financing can help you grow your small business:

  1. Gets you fast cash – Invoice financing allows you to get paid by the lender for the amount of the invoice the next day and pay back the amount of the cash advance over time, rather than waiting for the credit card company to pay out. This solves many problems for small business, which are often strapped for cash while they wait for to be paid.
  2. Allows you to work with bigger clients – Large companies often require longer terms to pay what they owe you. Through invoice financing, you won’t be worried about how you’ll keep the lights on –– you’ll have the budget room to wait longer for these clients to pay, while also growing your client base.
  3. Gives you cash flow to grow your company – Getting paid upfront by the lender gives you the freedom to invest in growing your company, instead of having to put all of your money back into overhead costs. For you, this may mean being able to expand your service offering, open a new store location, or hire and pay additional employees.
  4. Saves you money in the long run – A typical interest rate for invoice financing is usually around .5%/week. This means, if you pay off an advance on an invoice within 30 days, you’ll end up paying 1% less than you would if you had gone through a credit card company.

Because technology has made online money transfers easy for anyone, invoice financing is worth exploring into if you’re looking to grow your business. Getting paid faster with fewer fees means more money in your pocket. And who doesn’t like a little extra cash?

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