4 Reasons to Ditch QuickBooks for ZipBooks

Posted 5 years ago in Small Business Tips
by Tim Chaves

Many of our customers are small business owners who have discovered ZipBooks after becoming dissatisfied with the poor customer service and bad user experiences common to QuickBooks users. In fact, that’s one of the main reasons we started ZipBooks. We believed we could build a better DIY platform for small business owners to handle invoicing and accounting without the hassle of purchasing a desktop program. We threw in a free app, a beautiful user interface, and amazing customer support to bring you the most user-friendly invoicing solution on market.

Don’t believe us? Today we’ll be exploring four commonly cited complaints about QuickBooks and what ZipBooks is doing to address those concerns.

1. Poor customer service

In our research, we found that the most commonly cited complaint about QuickBooks was how difficult it was to get solutions to technical problems. Many users said they were patched through to an outsourced customer service rep who wanted to charge them a $299 “support subscription.” These customers were unable to get help unless they purchased the entire package. In contrast, ZipBooks offers excellent customer support. We have an in-app and online chat feature that is completely free, and has proven to be very helpful to ZipBookers. Anytime you have a question, send us a message and we’ll be there to help, no strings attached.

2. Lost data

QuickBooks users often stated that they would lose months’ worth of accounting data and have no way to retrieve it. That loss, coupled with the issues that arise from outsourcing customer support, and you have a lot of unhappy customers. With ZipBooks, all of your data and personal information is protected with 256-bit SSL encryption and our industry’s highest security measures. And because we use a Cloud-based app instead of a desktop program, all of your hard-crunched numbers are automatically backed up in the Cloud so you can access them from anywhere.

3. Requires an accountant to fix it

Several customers complained that they had issues with their QuickBooks accounts and were told that customer service representatives told them to ask their own accountant to fix the problem. ZipBooks, however, is truly a DIY solution. While we do have online bookkeeping services available to add if you need them, we designed our interface to be intuitive for anyone and provided our amazing customer support to answer any questions that may come up.

4. Updates are incompatible with iOS.

Another common complaint about QuickBooks is that their desktop updates are often incompatible with iOS. When customers buy a computer program, they naturally expect it to work with their computer, no matter the operating system. Fortunately, we specifically designed the original ZipBooks app to be compatible with iOS, so you’ll never have a functionality issue. Android user? No problem. Our native Android app is currently in beta-testing mode and will be released soon. Interested in becoming a beta tester? Send us an in-app message and we’ll hook you up.

We’re constantly innovating and developing new features for ZipBooks because we’re 100% committed to our users’ satisfaction. Have a suggestion for an improvement or a feature you’d like to see us build next? Send us a message! We can’t wait to hear from you.

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