Accounting software for small business

ZipBooks is accounting software for small businesses that offers full access to features like invoicing, time tracking, and project management. Sign up for ZipBooks with just an email and get your finances organized today.

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Unlimited access to our features

To make your company scalable, ZipBooks lets you create and save as many free invoice templates, invoice receipts, and estimates as you need. We combine access to every feature with unlimited storage, allowing your business to expand without you ever feeling trapped. When you need to track time, we’ll be there. When you need to store twenty recurring invoice profiles, we’ve got your back. And we won’t charge you per user or client. Feel free to continually add team member and client profiles as your business requires. Our goal is to get you paid, so we don’t want to make a profit by limiting your success. Sign up for ZipBooks and work away—we won’t bother you with monthly or hidden fees, and we’ll support you at each new stage of growth.

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Unlimited access to our features
The mobility you've always wanted

The mobility you've always wanted

Use ZipBooks to increase your company’s flexibility. If you’re working at a project site and you need to track your time, you’ll be able to access the right tools from any device that connects to the internet. Or, if you’re grabbing supplies and you’ve only got your phone on you, pull up our app to immediately record that expense. When you can access your data anywhere, you’ll keep more transparent records, and you’ll make it a lot easier to bill clients. And when you can bill clients simply and quickly, you’ll cut down the time you spend waiting for payment. Keep more accurate records and share them faster with our accounting software for small business.

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One-click invoicing that gets you paid

Invoicing a client takes only seconds with our free QuickBooks alternative. Sign up for our accounting software for small businesses with just your email, and send an invoice today. When you create an invoice, you can opt to include unbilled time that you have recorded. If you haven’t yet recorded what you need to bill for, you can manually enter billing information into our invoice template. Our template is simple, professional, and about as easy to use as a checkbook. When you send invoices that are accurate and easy to read, you encourage your clients to pay faster. And when they can review exactly what they’re being billed for, they won’t mind sending payment right then and there.

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Revenue $47,656.97

Average collection period 14 days

Data-loss prevention

Avoid physical loss, theft, and hard drive failure by moving your data to the cloud. Once you're signed up for ZipBooks, we'll protect your data with 256-bit SSL encryption.

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A new way to invoice

Say goodbye to paper invoicing via snail mail. Send an invoice to a client in seconds with our simple online invoicing system. Send invoices fast and receive payment even faster.

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Truly free

We'll let you in on a little secret. We're one of the first companies to offer accounting software for small businesses—for free. Enjoy unlimited access to all our features without a single monthly or hidden fee.

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