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nTheta is China's 1st cross-border operations-enabled accelerator. We are an international team of professionals that help overseas tech startups land and grow their business in the New China. Based in Shenzhen, the technology center of China's Greater Bay Area, we possess the expertise, network and insight developed from our years of experience building the country's 1st truly global tech unicorn. Unlike traditional accelerators/incubators, we maintain a fully-staffed operations capability which you can leverage to quickly and efficiently commence China operations, while we simultaneously help recruit and train the local team that will replace us when you exit our accelerator in 1-2 years. Because we invest in our clients, our interest is fully aligned with your success. Our team also includes IP, legal and compliance specialists who make protection of your China business our first priority. Our mission is to serve as your China landing team, allowing you to quickly launch your China business without ever surrendering control of your company’s management or its technology.