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Looking for an invoice template for legal services? We've got you covered!

If you are just looking for a law firm or legal services invoice template, you might be selling yourself short. ZipBooks let's you do things like collect a retainer upfront. That's not something you are going to be able to automate with a word invoice template. It might be something you want to look into while you are here.

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    Laine Napoli Branding Addicts
  • Why not have bookkeeping software that is delightful and intuitive? Do you like using your old, boring software? Nah, didn't think so. ZipBooks rocks!

    Alex Harvey Illuminate Design
  • I never studied accounting, but I found this software to be very user friendly for basic bookkeeping. I was able to figure it out in a short period of time. ZipBooks, I love you!

    Bonnie Cohen Bonnie Cohen-Gallet, Esq
  • This is by far the best app that has helped me with my small business. It has made accounting, invoicing, and tracking payments a breeze! I really love it!

    Jill Muñiz Quirky Print & Design Studio
  • After trying multiple accounting apps for 10 years, ZipBooks was finally the solution. My clients can pay online & accept quotes through a simple, interactive process. Clients love it as much as I do.

    Chris Kelley Digital Craft Co.

What should I include on my legal services invoice template?

A great thing about ZipBooks is that you can save default settings for your invoices once you nail down the details of what exactly should be on your invoice. Using ZipBooks for your legal services template means never sending off an invoice without your own company information on it (oops!). We actually score your invoice based on what information you include and so you’ll be able to leverage the data we’ve collected from tens of thousands of invoices on what things are important to get you paid faster.

Here are a couple tips on things that you will get you paid faster and should definitely be included on your invoice:

  • Company logo: This is part of the invoice template that we provide for you. You’ll save a company logo under company settings and you’ll never have to think about whether your invoice template header looks good again.
  • Notes: Thanking a customer for their business will always make you stand out in a crowd and leverages the psychological principle of reciprocity so that you get paid faster. Lots of studies show that including a thank you note gets you paid faster. I think that would especially be true when someone is getting a big bill for legal services.
  • Invoice payment terms: Another great free feature of ZipBooks invoice templates for legal services (and anyone else who used our invoice templates for that matter) is that when you put terms into an invoice, we automatically detected it and set a due date for you. If you don’t set terms, we assume that the invoice will be due in 14 days. This is the due date that we use to drive the late payment reminder and to display the number of days that a invoice has been outstanding in the AR aging report. If you don’t want to set the invoice payment terms everytime, you can set it up once under Account Preferences in the ZipBooks app. Pretty neat, right?
  • Customer information: This one might seem pretty straightforward but it should always be on the list of “”must haves”” when thinking about what you should put on your invoice.
  • Detailed description of bill: ZipBooks’ invoice template lends itself to the ability to show a detailed account of everything that you have charged since you last sent an invoice. You can do that by manually entering the invoice details or you can use the time tracker to automatically pull in billable activity once you are ready to send the next invoice for your legal services.

Invoice Template for IT

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Legal Invoice Template

ZipBooks is much than just professional legal invoicing. With secure document storage and built-in time tracking, we have all a complete legal invoicing solution that you can count on.

Free Legal Invoice Template

When should I send out a legal services invoice?

Following up on when to send your invoice, you should think about how well your invoice template helps you will when to send the invoice and not just what to include on it. Using a software program that includes other things that you use on a regular basis is going to help you stay on top of when you send your invoices as well. Invoices should be send as soon as the work is done.

If you have a long-term contract with a client, it’s nice to automate the sending of invoices completely so you don’t have to worry about it. One last note of automating the “”when””: ZipBooks can take a invoice schedule and the amount that should be sent as a base level and then automatically add any ad hoc billing that varies from month to month on the fly. You just do the extra billable activity on top of the base billed amount and ZipBooks will include it in the invoice whether you are just sending an invoice for them to pay manually or you have them setup to be automatically billed through ZipBooks Payments.

Why should I use ZipBooks’ legal services invoice template to create and send my legal services invoice?

ZipBooks isn’t going to cut you anything to create and send invoices. We make money when you use things like professional bookkeeping services. There are a lot of bells and whistles that you get with ZipBooks that you aren’t going to get with any other invoice software for free. That might be why you are looking for an invoice template and not invoice software.

Here’s just a partial list of what you’ll get along with your free legal services invoice template:

  • Seamless time tracking import (paid feature after trial period): You can track multiple clients, projects, and team members on different hourly rates based on the skill level of the person of the client, what project you are on or even based on the client.
  • Late payment reminders (free!): Reminding clients to pay isn’t that fun but when the retainer is running low it’s nice to know that you can setup logic based on when you sent out the payment and how long the client has gone without paying. You can setup an unlimited number of reminders that communicate an escalating sense of urgency about non-payment. Noone wants to sitff their lawyer, but if they are slow to pay you can outsource the tedious followup task to ZipBooks.
  • Credit card payment (free!): Everyone knows that you get paid faster when you let your client pay by credit card. ZipBooks has the slickest invoice payment method of any invoice template that you’ll find. All you have to do is connect to ZipBooks payments and turn on the accept credit card payment option and the credit card payment form will show up right next to the online invoice.
  • Autobilling (free!): There are zero autobilling options that are free besides ZipBooks. It is especially useful for laywers or paralegals looking for a free legal services invoice template because many clients get billed a monthly retainer. If you use ZipBooks, you are going to be able to setup a recurring profile that sends an invoice to your client on a recurring basis that you set and if you enable autobilling, your client will automatically be billed after they submit payment for the first invoice.

You may not have gone into this looking for more than just a generic legal invoice template, but since you found us, why not check it out?

Creative Invoice Template

If you're a designer, photographer, or the like, and you're looking for an invoice template--you're in luck! We built ZipBooks with you in mind because that's our background. Invoicing by the hour was our bread and butter before starting ZipBooks.

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Construction Invoice Template

Plumbers, HVAC professionals, electricians, tinners, welders, and all other skilled craftsman that build and bill stuff, come on in! We've got the invoice template, time tracker, expense management all-in-one tool that will make your life easier. Now if they could just take the calories out of a Big Gulp without killing the taste...

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ZipBooks’ invoice template is flexible to meet your unique requirements. We’re so confident that our template will work for you that you can email us at if we don’t have the template that you are looking for!

We’ve made invoicing faster and easier than ever before. Did we mention that we don’t charge for invoicing?

That’s right folks! Our invoice template is free to use.

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