Freshbooks vs. QuickBooks Online

Free Freshbooks and QuickBooks alternative for contractors, consultants, and small businesses.

FreshBooks vs. QuickBooks: a comparison

If you’re a contractor or consultant, or if you run a small business, you know how important it is to be organized and efficient in all your accounting and bookkeeping duties. For years, customers have used software such as FreshBooks and QuickBooks to help with invoicing and payment needs. But what if we told you there was something better—something free?

Introducing ZipBooks, a simple and effective invoicing software designed to help your small business thrive. When compared with FreshBooks and QuickBooks, it’s easy to see why choosing ZipBooks is a no-brainer.

Number of clients you can invoice
Additional staff accounts included

Improve your cash flow

You’ve worked for your clients. Why not speed up the payment process? When you use ZipBooks, you can receive payments up to five days faster than with FreshBooks or QuickBooks.

Plus, old-school paperwork and corresponding through the mail can be a thing of the past. With quicker payment receipt and less spending, you’ve got more money for other important projects.

When you use ZipBooks’ market rate transaction pricing, your money will be in your account within the blink of an eye. Plus, with ZipBooks you take control of the wheel when it comes to payment methods. For the fastest, most convenient payments, simply enable credit card acceptance on any invoice you choose, letting clients make payments right from the email you send.

Oh, and did we mention it’s FREE?

Online invoicing
Send unlimited invoices
Recurring invoices
Multi-currency invoicing
Late payment reminders
Invoice history
Unlimited time tracking and invoicing from contractors

We take security seriously

We treat your financial information with complete sensitivity and confidentiality. To protect you, we store your information with 256-bit encryption. When you need to log in to your account, rest assured you can view your data safely and securely.

ZipBooks goes mobile

We understand that working on the go is part of your business. If you’re traveling or are at a client’s office, why shouldn’t you be able to send your invoices and do everything you could do sitting at your desk?

Make things easier with ZipBooks mobile, where you have the same tools and functions as with our desktop version. Plus, the user-friendly design and interface makes this a simple resource for anyone to use. ZipBooks mobile is available through an iPhone app.

It’s all about the price

ZipBooks can do everything FreshBooks and QuickBooks can do for you. But what really sets ZipBooks apart from the competition is how much you’ll pay to use the excellent service.

How does $0 per month sound? FreshBooks and QuickBooks can’t offer that. With this free service, there’s no reason not to choose ZipBooks for all your invoicing and accounting needs.

$19.95 per month
$12.95 per month

Being free doesn’t mean we skimped on features

We put together a list of other features that you might find important. To some they might just be bells and whistles, but we have lots of advanced features even though we don’t charge a monthly subscription.

Automatic expense imports from credit card and bank
Expense tracking – including mobile input
Snap a pic and instantly capture receipts
Track expenses by client
Add expenses to invoices

Professional payment options

ZipBooks lets you customize which payment options to accept on each invoice. Select credit card acceptance for the most rapid response.

When your client opens a ZipBooks email containing your online invoice, they will have the option to pay right then and there. It’s easier on you and your client.

Use the time you will save to expand your business. Sign up for this free accounting software for the cloud to customize how and when you get paid.

Track time
Record billable time from anywhere
Different rates for each project

Make the right choice

Quick, easy, and comprehensive? Check, check, and check.

Affordable? Double-check.

No invoicing software can compete with ZipBooks and its free, paperless service. Save time, money, and hassle—switch to ZipBooks today.

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