FreshBooks vs. Harvest: a comparison

Free Freshbooks and Harvest alternative for contractors, consultants, and small businesses.


FreshBooks vs. Harvest: a comparison

How does ZipBooks stack up with these two popular invoicing software products?

Small-business owners rely on invoicing solutions as well as time and expense tracking tools to run their organizations effectively and keep cash flowing. FreshBooks and Harvest are two commonly used products. Each offers helpful features to help organizations manage their budgets and communicate with clients.

ZipBooks is the new kid on the block. This easy-to-use software not only compares well to FreshBooks and Harvest, but it is superior in many ways. Here are a few reasons why.

Number of clients you can invoice
Additional staff accounts include

Getting paid should be easy

Like ZipBooks, FreshBooks and Harvest make it possible for you to send unlimited invoices and receive payments online. Both also allow you to take control of invoicing and payment methods and to get money into your account faster and with less hassle. Unlike FreshBooks and ZipBooks, however, Harvest does not have automatic late payment reminders for your customers.

Similarly, Harvest will assess late payment fees. Also, Harvest offers only one single invoice template without much in the way of customization. Meanwhile, FreshBooks has just two invoice designs.

ZipBooks has all the invoicing features you would want, including the ability to customize layout and views. In all of your invoices, you can select the team members you want to include, not to mention date ranges and projects.

When you combine these unbeatable elements with the FREE service, it’s clear that ZipBooks outperforms FreshBooks and Harvest when it comes to invoicing.

Online invoicing
Recurring invoices
Unlimited time tracking
Multi-currency invoicing
Late payment reminders
Faster online payments
Send unlimited invoices
Late payment fees

ZipBooks keeps your information safe and secure

With ZipBooks, your personal and financial information is protected. To keep your confidential data safe, ZipBooks stores it with 256-bit encryption. When you need to log in to your account, you’ll be able to see your data without fear that it’s being compromised.

Harvest uses SSL encryption connections to keep customers’ data safe. The servers are hosted at on off-site data center, protected by firewalls and monitored closely. FreshBooks also uses SSL encryption and firewalls to ensure data is protected.

Automatic expense imports from credit card and bank
256-bit TLS
256-bit TLS
256-bit TLS
Onsite data center security
Least-permissions rules for data access

Take invoicing on the road

You should be able to take care of business while you’re away from the office. The best systems allow users to send invoices from their mobile devices no matter where they may be. FreshBooks and Harvest have mobile components that allow customers to keep an eye on clients and payments from the convenience of their phones.

FreshBooks users can go mobile on their Android or iPhone with the free FreshBooks app available at the Apple Store or Google Play.

With ZipBooks’ mobile version, you can have the same tools and resources at your disposal that you’d find on the desktop version. Also, the design and interface makes your navigation simple and intuitive. ZipBooks Mobile is available as an app for your iPhone through the Apple Store.

iPhone app
Responsive design
Android app
In progress

Price is always a factor

FreshBooks and Harvest have similar features. It’s clear that both have useful benefits that can make your life easier. But here’s where these two differ from ZipBooks: our plan is absolutely free. All of the incredible features you’ll find with ZipBooks are free.

Monthly cost
Trial available?

We compare, you decide

FreshBooks and Harvest can make it easier for you to work with clients and secure fast payment for your services. But in all material aspects, ZipBooks can match or exceed the features you are looking for when comparing Harvest and FreshBooks. ZipBooks  beats out the competition with in pricing. How does it sound to pay nothing for a fast and easy way to track expenses and send invoices to clients? Make the right choice today.

Bank feed data

We support thousands of bank accounts in the U.S. and Canada. You can import your bank feed right into ZipBooks. Tracking your business expenses has never been easier!

Easier quotes

ZipBooks isn't just the easiest way to send out an invoice and get paid. It also makes the bidding process easier than ever. You can send a quote, get it approved and start working against an invoice in no time.

Team management

Your whole team can your ZipBooks account. Track and manage each employee's bill rate, access to the account, and access to great tools whether they are working in the office or in the field.

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