ZipBooks vs. QuickBooks Online

Free QuickBooks alternative for contractors, consultants, and small businesses.

Free Quickbooks Alternative

ZipBooks is a great QuickBooks alternative for small businesses because it is easy-to-use and you get a lot more features for the same amount of money. We even have a pricing plan that is completely free!

Compare ZipBooks to what you get with QuickBooks and you’ll see that we stand up pretty nice by copmarison. Get your business organized quickly and get paid faster. We’ve put together a quick summary of the features you get with QuickBooks’ Quick Start plan, our free plan, and the ZipBooks Smarter plan.

If you need time tracking or recurring billing, you’ll end up saving $20/month by using ZipBooks instead of QuickBooks Online.

Send and track invoices
Bank feed import
Credit card processing
Recurring billing
Time tracking
$15 / month
$15 / month

Get paid like a pro

Why wait to get paid when ZipBooks’ financial partners can pay you faster? With market rate transaction pricing, ZipBooks puts money in the bank before you can say “free QuickBooks alternative.”

And with ZipBooks, you can also enjoy complete control over which payment options to accept.

Enable credit card acceptance on any invoice for fast, convenient payment. When you send a free online invoice, clients can make credit card payments right from the email you send.

Cut out all that unnecessary wait and ensure you get paid. And don’t forget, using our invoice software for Mac is 100% free—forever.

QB Simple Start
ZipBooks Starter
ZipBooks Smarter
Track income and expenses
Sync Bank Accounts and Apps

Manage all your projects at once

No matter how many projects you have going on, ZipBooks’ simple, online invoice creator helps you organize your work quickly and easily.

After tracking the hours you work, generate an invoice for services rendered with the click of a button.

Personalize invoices with your logo, or stick to our clean, straightforward format.

Just enter the work you completed and time you spent, and your invoice is on its way. You can email invoices you generate directly to a client’s inbox, then keep tabs on payments right from the ZipBooks home page.

You can also record estimates you have made, track expenses related to specific projects, and even record tasks you complete within a project. It’s that simple.

When you get organized, you get paid.


QB Simple Start
ZipBooks Starter
ZipBooks Smarter
Online invoicing
Send unlimited invoices
Recurring invoicing

Send invoices wherever, whenever

Unlike QuickBooks 2016, ZipBooks was specifically built to operate in the cloud, not as an afterthought—which means you can send and manage invoices from any device, instead of letting paperwork pile up until you get back to the office.

Finished with a project? Quickly fill out an online invoice and send it to a client. Save time and money with our free accounting software.

QB Simple Start
ZipBooks Starter
ZipBooks Smarter
Track expenses
Upload receipts

Eliminate costs

Never pay another heavy licensing fee! ZipBooks is completely free for everyone, and it’s going to stay that way.

No other online QuickBooks alternative can say the same.

QB Simple Start
ZipBooks Starter
ZipBooks Smarter
Track Time
Manually add time

Speed up payments

ZipBooks’ digital invoices reduce the waiting period for payments by as much as five days. Try one of our flexible invoice templates for an extra head start.

QB Simple Start
ZipBooks Starter
ZipBooks Smarter
Other features
Access your data from tablet or smartphone
Permissions control

Get paid faster

ZipBooks allows you to get paid immediately after you complete a project, instead of having to wait for your client to pay on a later date.

Made for small businesses

QuickBooks Online 2016 can be complicated, and you may be paying for features that you don't need.

ZipBooks has made simple software that can be used for any kind of small business and is completely free to use.

Keep your books safe

Never worry about losing important records again. ZipBooks protects all your information with 256-bit encryption. Securely access your data whenever and wherever you need it on any device or platform.

Clean and simple features

QuickBooks can be difficult to learn, especially for small businesses. ZipBooks has created software that is easy to use.

ZipBooks can help regulate cash flows, organize accounting files, and speed up the billing and payment process with ease.

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