ZipBooks vs. FreshBooks

Free FreshBooks alternative for contractors, consultants, and small businesses.


ZipBooks vs. FreshBooks

ZipBooks provides you with invoicing software that is crisp and easy-to-use. ZipBooks is perfect for any small business to thrive and is completely free to use.
It isn’t hard to see how we make FreshBooks seem a little outdated. Take a look at the features and see for yourself.

Number of clients you can invoice
Additional staff accounts included
5 ($10 each additional)

Faster cash flow

With ZipBooks, you can receive payments up to five days sooner and stop sending paperwork back and forth manually by mail or email. Use the money from those payments to get the ball rolling on future projects.

Online invoicing
Send unlimited invoices
Get paid faster with online payments
Late payment reminders
See exactly when your invoice is viewed
Multi-currency invoicing
Unlimited time tracking and invoicing from contractors
Recurring invoicing

On-the-go invoicing

Wherever your mobile devices go, ZipBooks goes with them. That means you can log in to send invoices the second your work is finished. Whether you’re at a project site, at the office, or with a client, pull up a ZipBooks invoice to finish the job. Our free FreshBooks for Mac is uncomplicated, so it’ll be hard to make mistakes. Keep clean and professional records to keep your cash flow stable and steady.

Track expenses
Automatic expense imports from credit card and bank
Expense tracking (including mobile input)
Take a picture of receipts
Track expenses by client
Add expenses to invoices

Professional payment options

ZipBooks lets you customize which payment options to accept on each invoice. Select credit card acceptance for the most rapid response. When your client opens a ZipBooks email containing your online invoice, they will have the option to pay right then and there.

It’s easier on you and your client. Use the time you will save to expand your business. Sign up for this free accounting software for the cloud to customize how and when you get paid.

Track time
Record billable time from anywhere
Different rates for each project

Consolidated project management

Whether you work on a regular schedule or make irregular appointments, ZipBooks is the ideal tool for tracking the time and resources you put into each. No one has time to go back and calculate time spent on a project. And if it’s complicated for you, it’s confusing for your clients.

Open ZipBooks just as you start to work on a project and use the time tracker to note that you’ve begun. ZipBooks will be there for you throughout the workday keeping record of your time, rates, and expenses. Say yes to easy, transparent billing with this free accounting software.

Team time tracking
Add project managers
Manage team timesheets
Team expense reporting
Share reports and journal entries with your accountant

Digital safeguards

We know that your financial information is confidential, so we store it with 256-bit SSL encryption. Once you log in, you’ll be able to access all your data securely, wherever and whenever you need it.

Bank integration

No price tag

Anything you can do with a FreshBooks account, you can do just as well with ZipBooks—for free. Plus, you’ll save money on paper, ink, stamps, and envelopes. Make the change today!

FreshBooks Sprout
FreshBooks Seedling
FreshBooks Evergreen
FreshBooks Mighty Oak
Other Features
$9.95 per month
$19.95 per month
$29.95 per month
$39.95 per month

Fresher accounting

View all your business expenses in one simple report. ZipBooks will integrate with your bank so you can keep track of your budget and future payments based on outstanding invoices.

Get paid immediately

With ZipBooks, you can get paid immediately after completing a project so you don't have to wait on your client. Never worry about waiting for your next paycheck again.

Fresher expenses

ZipBooks makes it easy to keep track of your expenses. Come tax season, you can save a lot of heartache because all your expenses will be online. You will know instantly which expenses are write-offs and which are reimbursed.

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