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ZipBooks’ free business name generator will help you find a business name for your new business.

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Business Name Ideas By Industry

Our free business name generator gives you business name ideas after you let us know what your industry you are in. No name generator for your business does more to help you come up with a business name that works for you.

Online Business Name Generator

Because our business name generator is built as a Chrome extension, you can use it whenever and wherever you would like. Chrome is a modern web browser that works with any computer or internet connection.

Hundreds of Business Name Ideas

Once we have your company brand name and industry, we can suggest a creative business name that we generate on the fly. If you don't find a business name the first time you use our business name generator, you can keep trying until you get a business name that you love.

How does your business name generator work?

Our business name generator was built with ease-of-use in mind. Here’s how you get started:

Step 1: Install our Business Name Generation Chrome Extension.

Step 2: Open up the extension by clicking the ZipBooks icon and click “Get Started”.

Step 3: Select the industry that most closely matches your own.

Step 4: Enter in one or two words that convey the core of your brand. This might be your last name or some other significant term that is unique to your business.

Step 5: When you click to the next page to see what business names our business name generator has created for you, you can select a business name that you like. Or keep looking through more generated business names until you see something that you like.

Step 6: The last step is signing up for ZipBooks’ free accounting software.
When you click on the business name that you like, we take you to the registration page and pre-populate the company field with the name that you selected.

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