ZipBooks partners with CPACharge for simple, speedy and secure payments

Posted 3 years ago in ZipBooks Updates
by Tim Chaves

It feels like April 16th here at ZipBooks. We’ve partnered with the payment processor guaranteed to make every accountant feel like they’re on holiday.

ZipBooks has partnered with CPACharge to improve fast, secure payments for Accountants—and to offer you the lowest rates in the industry. 


Lower rates

When you sign up for CPACharge through ZipBooks, the $10 monthly fee is waived entirely! Instead, your only cost is a standard processing fee—and did we mention that these are the lowest rates in the industry?

Credit cards: 1.95% + $0.20

Specialty cards: 2.95% + $0.20

Check: 0% + $2/transaction

CPACharge works exclusively with accountants and bookkeepers—like those on our ZipBooks Accountant plan—to be able to keep their costs low. During the sign-up process, you’ll get a call from CPACharge to verify that you’re an accountant or bookkeeper.

Faster payments

CPACharge connects directly with ZipBooks for simple, beautiful invoicing. When clients have the option to pay by credit card, ZipBookers get paid 14 days earlier on average. 

ZipBooks’ built-in time tracker moves seamlessly with you across client accounts. When you’re ready, click a single button to import billable hours into your invoice. Clients receive an email confirmation immediately and your funds process within 1-2 business days. 

Whether your clients pay by credit, debit or eCheck, billing is faster than an accountant leaving on vacation after tax day.

Simpler reconciliation

If there’s anyone who cares about simplifying reconciliation, it’s an accountant. At CPACharge, it’s a top priority to make reconciling easier and more straightforward. 

Rather than dealing with nickels and dimes, CPA Charge deducts all processing fees at the beginning of each month. This means that instead of reconciling hundreds or thousands of individual processing fees for every transaction, you only have to reconcile 12 transactions a year. 

How’s that for a stress reliever?

Better security

At ZipBooks and CPACharge, we’re fanatical about keeping your payment information safe. Rest easy knowing that your firm’s sensitive data is protected by advanced fraud protection and data encryption measures.

CPACharge is PCI Level 1 compliant—and that’s the highest level! At no extra charge, their experts will help you ensure that you’re staying compliant as well.

When it comes to your finances, we don’t take any chances.

ZipBooks + CPACharge

Work smarter, not harder. Connecting ZipBooks and CPACharge means low rates and dead-simple reconciliation.

We invite you to try ZipBooks + CPACharge and see just how simple, speedy and secure payment processing can be—plus, the monthly processing fee is waived for life!


About CPACharge

CPACharge is a payment processing solution built on the AffiniPay technology platform. Since 2015, CPACharge has helped accounting firms to manage online payments and reconcile in the most intuitive way. 

In addition, CPA Charge is the only approved payment processor partnering with AICPA. 

Between CPACharge, LawPay and other solutions, AffiniPay serves over 60,000 professionals nationwide.

About Tim

Tim is Founder and CEO of ZipBooks. He keeps his desk really nice and neat.

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