ZipBooks Launches Free Accounting Software for Small Businesses

Posted 8 years ago in ZipBooks Updates
by Tim Chaves

Lehi, UT — ZipBooks is the only free accounting software to provide invoice financing, automatic credit card recurring billing and integrated time tracking. They are the newest addition to a growing number of VC-backed FinTech startups.

“None of the existing small business accounting solutions out there are solving the most important problem for small businesses—managing cash flow. I’ve felt the misery myself as a small business owner, having to make payroll when a needed payment was still outstanding,” notes Tim Chaves, founder and CEO of ZipBooks. “We are putting enterprise cash flow management tools into the hands of small businesses. More importantly, we’re working these tools right into the process of sending an invoice that business owners already use every day.”

ZipBooks is capitalizing on the fact that accounting is still a universal sore spot for small businesses. “It doesn’t make sense to pay a monthly subscription for QuickBooks Online when we’re providing robust, intuitive accounting tools for free and generating revenue by giving companies what they really need—capital to run their business,” says Chaves.

If 2015 progress is any indication of 2016, the future bodes well for ZipBooks.

“We’ve been able to leverage strategic partnerships to provide bank integrations for companies in the U.S. and Canada and already process credit card payments in North America, Europe, and Australia,” Chaves points out.

ZipBooks’ primary mission is to reduce the mortality rate of U.S. small businesses by helping them improve their access to the capital they need and companies are responding—ZipBooks’ customer base has doubled every month since its founding.

According to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, up to 72 percent of small businesses get turned down for bank loans. However, ZipBooks believes that giving small business owners access to modest invoice advances is enough to get most growing businesses to the next payday.

Invoice financing can be confusing, especially for a small business owner who has to worry about every aspect of their business. They don’t have time to research how to access more sophisticated financial instruments that traditionally have been used by larger companies. ZipBooks’ platform can underwrite a business within 24 hours of their application for Invoice Instant Payments. Businesses who opt to finance an invoice can see money hit their account the day after an invoice is sent, regardless of when a client pays. ZipBooks guides small businesses in the right direction by providing bookkeeping software and access to needed short-term capital.

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About ZipBooks

ZipBooks is the only way for business owners to send and finance an invoice in a single click. ZipBooks gives small business owners access to bookkeeping, invoicing, time tracking, bank information, and credit card processing without a monthly subscription. This all helps business owners get more funding, lower the cost of running a business, and saves time so they can run and grow their business the way they want. ZipBooks has offices in Lehi, Utah, and its investors include Peak Ventures. For more information visit, check out our feature comparison, or follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

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