ZipBooks Announces Personalized Machine Learning for Better Bookkeeping

Posted 4 years ago in ZipBooks Updates
by Tim Chaves

ZipBooks is pleased to announce the launch of personalized machine learning to make accounting simpler for ZipBooks subscribers. This enhanced experience will automate simple accounting tasks, beginning with categorizing transactions.

Based on a limited trial rollout, a spokesperson for ZipBooks noted that auto-categorization saved business owners an average of 1.7 hours each month on bookkeeping, while also increasing bookkeeping accuracy.

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“Today’s accounting software must be simpler and smarter,” said Jaren Nichols, COO of ZipBooks. “Business owners should spend minutes, not days and weeks to produce accurate records.”

Subscribers will experience automated bookkeeping tailored to their business—similar to having a personal virtual bookkeeper. To gauge the accuracy of ZipBooks’ machine learning, users will see a confidence score on each suggested categorization. The more a user actively works within an account, the more the app improves its accuracy, predictions, and recommendations for best practices. ZipBooks aims to help business owners make smarter decisions, including eliminating the need for repetitive data entry, which is pervasive in today’s bookkeeping solutions.

“Machine learning will soon deliver a digital accountant for each ZipBooker,” Nichols commented. “A smart accountant that can advise, teach, and automate.”

This technology is currently available to ZipBooks subscribers that are on the Smarter or Sophisticated plans.

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ZipBooks is simple accounting software that makes users even smarter. PC Mag reviewers recently recognized ZipBooks as “[providing] an exceptional user experience—better than QuickBooks Online.” For more information, visit:


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