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Posted 7 years ago in ZipBooks Updates
by Tim Chaves

Hey ZipBookers!

We know you’re excited about ZipBooks 2.0, so we’re sending over a preview of the new reports section.

Spolier alert: We’re adding Balance Sheet and Accounts Receivable reports.

Balance Sheet preview

We’re automating balance sheet reporting by category. In “accountant speak,” we’re creating your balance sheet by aggregating your journal entries based on your chart of accounts. The color scheme helps you quickly see what is most important and make smart, intuitive decisions.

Balance Sheet preview

Income Statement preview

ZipBooks 2.0 tracks more, so your income statement will report more. Now, your income can flow through ZipBooks from any source—invoices, bank accounts, or custom entries.

Income Statement preview

Accounts Receivable preview

You requested the ability to report outstanding invoices by customer, and we listened! The new Accounts Receivable report makes it easy to see who owes what and how long it’s been outstanding.

Accounts Receivable preview

Invoiced Taxes preview

We’re keeping our Invoiced Taxes report flexible enough to serve your needs regardless of the type of tax(es) you add. Label and add taxes to your invoice, and we take it from there.

Invoiced Taxes preview

Assembled 2017 (January 23 – 27)

We’re participating in a week-long online conference for creatives. We think it’ll be worthwhile, and it’s free to register. Speakers will represent well-known brands, like Adobe and Pluralsight. We put together a breakout session on how to save on taxes, so you won’t want to miss it!

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That’s all for now. Happy invoicing!

ZipBooks Team

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