Schedulicity for Businesses: Features, Reviews and Alternatives

Posted 2 years ago in Product Reviews
by Tim Chaves

The days of calling-in for an appointment are long behind us (or at least, they should be). Software applications like Schedulicity make it easy for clients to book appointments from an app or website.

What is Schedulicity?

Schedulicity is an online booking platform for small business owners such as barbers, stylists, masseurs, trainers, and tutors. Clients book their own appointments through the Schedulicity marketplace or mobile app.  

In addition to their basic calendar, Schedulicity offers automated marketing and digital payments to help businesses grow

How much does Schedulicity cost?

While Schedulicity pricing starts at $0/month, if you plan to book more than 10 clients a month, you’ll need to upgrade to Unlimited Bookings Plus.

On the free Schedulicity plan, you get:

  • 10 bookings per month
  • Reminder emails
  • Access to the mobile app
  • Basic marketing and client management

Rather than offering tiered pricing, Schedulicity lets you pick and choose the add-ons that are most relevant to your business. While this might end up saving you money, it’s a bit overcomplicated. 

Each of the following add-ons is priced based on the number of providers at your business (solo, 2-5, 6-10 or 11+):

Unlimited Bookings Plus

From $20-$50/month

Includes unlimited booking for appointments or classes, a business listing on Schedulicity’s marketplace and access to discounted processing fees through Schedulicity Pay. 

Client Text Reminders

From $5-$10/month

Includes automated client reminders via text (sent anywhere from 4 hours to 3 days before their appointment)

Package Management

From $5-$10/month

Includes customization of session- or package-based pricing

Automatic Billing

From $5-$10/month

Includes client subscriptions with recurring billing

Multiple Locations


Includes unlimited multi-location management within a single account

Automated Marketing

From $5-$50/month

Includes automated emails to customers for recommended services, birthdays and promos (with analytics)

What features and integrations are available through Schedulicity? 

Schedulicity is pretty comparable to most business booking software apps. However, Schedulicity has also built out a digital payment processor and decent mobile apps. 

Appointment Management

When clients book your services via Schedulicity, it’s easy to manage your calendar. From your dashboard, you can view upcoming appointments, edit any existing details, and mark no-shows. 

Schedulicity Pay

If you require some sort of pre-payment or just want clients to pay digitally, you can integrate Schedulicity with Square or Stripe. 

Users who purchase the Unlimited Bookings Plus Add-on can also access discounted rates through “Schedulicity Pay.” Rates start at 1.99% + $0.10 for dip or swipe cards. Keyed-in purchases have a fee of 2.85% + $0.25. 

You can also accept in-person payments with the free card reader and customize checkout with discounts, taxes, and tips.

Mobile Apps

Schedulicity provides two free apps for bookings—one for customers and one for businesses.

Customers can download the Android or iOS app to schedule appointments, receive reminders or contact your business. 

Businesses can download Schedulicity Business on an Android or iOS device in order to view their calendar, access their client list and manage workshop rosters.

Customer Support

Business owners can reach out to Schedulicity ‘Rockstars’ via email, chat or phone. Schedulicity also provides a detailed Help Center for support.

What do people say about Schedulicity?

Reviews of Schedulicity are largely positive from a business perspective. The software gets 4.5 out of 5 stars on both Capterra and G2. Here’s what users have to say:

What people like about Schedulicity:

  • I love that Schedulicity appeals to my needy and highly organized personality, as well as my insatiable desire to categorize, color-code, and organize (or reorganize) my schedule with one click.
  • Works well keeping coworkers informed of schedules.
  • My experience with support staff solidified my dedication to using the schedulicity software! Thank you!

What people don’t like about Schedulicity:

  • A bit clunky when it comes to making appointments show up on a google calendar.
  • I do not like the view we have from our end when booking clients…and the Agenda View for printing off my day sheet.
  • The templates are nice, but very limited.

What are some alternatives to Schedulicity?

Schedulicity isn’t the only company trying to modernize online booking. Take a look at these alternatives:

Acuity Scheduling

Like Schedulicity, Acuity Scheduling gives clients the option to book their own appointment so “all you have to do is show up.” Accept payments with Stripe, Square or PayPal and integrate with tons of your favorite tools (like QuickBooks, MailChimp, Google Analytics, etc.) Plus, Acuity Scheduling supports healthcare providers with HIPAA compliance.

Pricing: Starts at $0/month

Free Trial: 1 week


Targeted specifically towards Salon, Spa and Fitness Professionals, Vagaro integrates online scheduling with social sites like Facebook and Yelp. Add-ons include a custom website builder, POS equipment, recurring memberships, forms & waivers, and online invoicing. 

Pricing: Starts at $25/month

Free Trial: 1 month

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