Introducing payroll and benefits management with Gusto

Posted 1 year ago in ZipBooks Updates
by Megan Jensen

Hey ZipBookers!

We’ve got some news that we hope will help make your business life a lot easier, especially if you pay contractors or employees.

Producing an accurate and on-time payroll is part of keeping your employees happy. But we know it can be a little hectic. ZipBooks has partnered with Gusto to pull off payroll on time, every time, and to provide essential HR solutions.

Plans start at $45/month. Try it for a month on us!

Adjustable, Automated Payroll

Easily input employee information, set up direct deposit, and let Gusto payroll create new hire forms and reports for you. Want to save yourself even more time? Allow your employees to input their own personal information. Score!

One-Stop Benefits & HR Solutions

Add a full suite of HR services to your account and get all the benefits of a dedicated human resources department—right at your fingertips. Health plans, 401(k), hiring essentials, and organization charts: just a few of the useful tools you’ll have access to, plus a dedicated hotline for those times you need advice tailored to your specific business.

Access to Records Any Time

When an employee needs a pay stub, or a copy of their W-2, no problem! Access, upload and print any documents or forms that you need, including things like employee handbooks, right from your account.

Automatic Tax Filing

Gusto will prepare and file your quarterly taxes automatically. No more late payment penalties! They’ll also prepare W-2s and 1099s for you at the beginning of each year, and make sure local and federal tax returns are submitted on time.

Sign up through your ZipBooks account to seamlessly combine smart accounting with the best payroll and HR solutions for your business!

Happy Accounting,

ZipBooks Team

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