Location Tracking

Let's say you have a retail location that you'd like to keep a closer eye on to identify unnecessary expenses and make sure it's producing a profit. Get the information you need in a snap by tagging all transactions that are related to that location. Identify areas that need tightening up, compare expenses to what you spend on other locations, and make decisions based on concrete numbers rather than using your best guess.

Track and Report

ZipBooks provides you a flexible way of keeping track of expenses and income related to a certain retail line or location. In the same way that blog posts or news articles might be tagged with searchable key information, you can tag your transactions in order to easily find them later, and report them appropriately.

Tag by Just About Anything

Tag by customer or vendor, or tag all transactions that are related to specific store locations, product lines, or wholesale and retail channels so that you're sure to keep on top of expenses related to each area. Keep track of expenditures that span multiple accounts so that your budgets can be effective and on target.

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