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United Seven Enterprises, LLC

Burtonsville, Maryland
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Motivational Speaking Property Management Business Consulting Adult Education

1. Manage Real Estate and Rental Property Business
** Manage rental property in 6912 Mayfair Road, Laurel, MD. Provide the best tenant experience and give tenants a home to be proud of.
** Manage property investment opportunities.

2. Manage Consulting, Teaching and Other Professional Activities
** Manage Prabhash Shrestha's speaking engagements, research assistance, focus group engagements etc. Assist Prabhash Shrestha with his scheduling, contract negotiations and logistics. Negotiate the deals. Assist with all other administrative tasks.
** Manage Prabhash Shrestha's consulting services to other organizations.
** Manage Prabhash Shrestha's various roles at various boards and committees. Assist with travel plans, schedules, contracts, negotiations, communications and all other administrative tasks.
** Manage Prabhash Shrestha's teaching profession. Scheduling time with students, contracts, negotiations and all other administrative tasks.

Service area

Within 30 miles of Burtonsville, MD