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Brooklyn, New York
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Graphic Design Web Design and Development

Sheba Design Inc is a company dedicated to Mobile App and Website development. Our work is
professional and affordable. Sheba Design is composed of a team of dedicated and skilled
professionals, whose passion lies in creating a more proficient small-business environment, utilizing
the latest trends in the web and mobile app technology.
As a small business ourselves, we are proud to have established a system where small businesses are
no longer bound by financial limitations curbing their ability to use the finest of website and mobile
app technology. Sheba Design provides customizable design and coding packages, each in
accordance with your expectations and needs.
In Sheba Design, we not only enhance the functionality of your business, but we also pay special
mind to the aesthetic nature of our design and coding, enabling startups to leap into various
opportunities of success. In addition, we consider your customer feedback and employ it into
updating your website and mobile app portals.
Sheba Design is a consultancy-based design and coding company. We speak to all of our customers
in-person to ensure we create perfect work environments.

Service area

Within 50 miles of Brooklyn, NY